by virginia reeves

i have a pair of sun conure a male and female. my male was sneezing first now my female is sneezing i saw some discharge come from her nose. they are sitting on 3 eggs. please help i need a home remedy. thank you

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Nov 19, 2009
by: Linda

Well, you are going to have to take them both in for a diagnosis and meds with an Avian Vet. What they most likely have is a bacterial infection, and they won't get better without the services of an Avian Vet. Please don't give your birds any home remedies as they seldom ever work, and can actually hurt your birds badly.

As for keeping the eggs warm while they go to the vet, take them out and line a glass container like a baking dish (smaller one), cover the dish with cloth, put dish on a heating pad with a towel over part of it bowl is on so eggs don't get too warm. Put the pad on a medium temp and set all of it on a kitchen counter. This should keep them warm enough while birds are gone to the vet. Vet will give you medicine for them, and you'll have to give that to them. Then, put eggs back into the box, and allow the birds to resume their chores. Medicine usually is given once or twice a day, so it should not interfere with the incubation of the eggs.

YOU MUST GO AHEAD AND GET THEM INTO THE AVIAN VET BEFORE THE EGGS HATCH BECAUSE THE ANTIBIOTICS MAY HURT THE BABIES IF THEY'RE NOT FINISHED. Ask vet about all of that when you have them in there. If you don't take them in, you risk losing them. If this nest does not make it, they can ALWAYS lay more eggs, but there is just the two of them, and you will want to help them.

As for the eggs, since it is getting cold now, the heating pad would probably be the best thing. If you have someone at home to make sure the pad does not overheat that will also be wonderful.

Once babies hatch, weigh them everyday with a gram scale. If any of them lose weight, then they are probably also infected with a bacterial infection and will need to go to Avian vet for diagnosis of the type of bacteria and treatment.

Sorry you are having to go through this, and act quickly with the parents, as birds do not "get over" infections, they get worse and worse and birds get weaker and sicker as time passes.The parents are the MOST important issue here, right now, so don't wait to help them get well.

Let us know how everything goes and you and your little family are in prayers.


Nov 19, 2009
Sneezing bird with discharge
by: Tracie

I am sorry your birds are sick. Unfortunately Dr B can not help your birds, because without examining them and running tests, he doesn't know what to prescribe.

Please take your birds to an avian vet so that what is wrong can be diagnosed. Then the avian vet will prescribe something for the specific bacteria or whatever needs to be corrected.

If you try home remedies, all you do is delay, and possibly kill your birds, the healing process. Also, home remedies often cause more problems, so when you finally take the birds to the vet, the vet has to diagnose even more problems and it is much more costly.

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