Sniffled breathing

by Angie
(New York )

I've had my green cheek conure for about 5 months now. She's only a year old and I have never heard her sort of sniffle while she's breathing. Now all of a sudden she's sniffling. I'm not sure if she's sick or something else is wrong. Is this normal?

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Aug 11, 2012
Bird sniffling
by: Tracie

Your bird is sick. If you do not use a water bottle, then your bird may have a bacterial infection from bathing or drinking water that is full of bacteria from sitting in the dish for more than 4 hours.

First go see an avian vet for a proper diagnosis and antibiotics if that is what your bird needs. Then I suggest you purchase a water bottle and train your bird to use that so it will have clean water.

Here is what our avian vet said to another person that had a bird that kept getting sick:

"Switch her to a water bottle because water bowls are the number one source of pseudomonas bacteria which is a very common cause for illness and plucking. You need to wash the water dish every three hours to prevent this. A water bottle is more sanitary and can be changed once every 24 hours without the chance of bacterial infections."

We sell Lixit bottles at the address below:|11|&cat=85&shop=1

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