so confused, bird gender

by nell
(san antonio)

im unsure of the sex of my cockatiel my bird has characteristics of female (hiss & bites) but also male characteristics as well (it loves looking @ the reflection of itself & it sings while it's looking @ itself sometimes it evens swells itself up & perch right next to the mirror as if it's claiming it's territory. is there anything in particular that can help me narrow down it's sex! i knw i can do dna but i was looking for an alternate method!

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Jul 27, 2010
so confused
by: nell

I really love this website. this is my 1st time owning a cockatiel & i feel really comfortable knowing i have support!!!

Jul 26, 2010
sexing tiels
by: Anonymous

Either male or female can hiss & bite. Some can be visually sexed & other need dna to sex them. What colour is your tiel, markings etc... A picture would help to know what mutation it is, then we'd be able to tell you whether it can be visually sexed or not.

It is possibly a male from what you have described. Females can whistle or sing but it takes a great deal of effort for you to teach them. For males it seems to come more naturally.

Females generally are snuggly quiet birds while males can be stand offish, boisterous & yep, love mirrors.

I would advise you remove your mirror. Attaching itself to a mirror will turn it into an agro bird that wants very little to do with you & will turn into a perch potato (not healthy).

Jul 26, 2010
so confused, bird gender
by: Linda

A little older male cockies have a very bright orange cheek patch, and they sing. The female does not sing but does make various noises including being able to learn to talk. I'd say chances are good that you have a male.

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