Society Finch with small bumps on upper eye lid

by Diana
(Portland Oregon)

I have a disabled society finch. He's in great health. Has a diet of whole foods, organic seed and pellet. He has one leg due to an injury he got at a pet store. He has always has medical care, since the day we got him.

I noticed he had a very small bump on an upper eye lid. It wasn't going away and another came up. We took him to his avian vet. He loves her, she got a sample and took a look a closer look. No bacteria was present. She looked for air sac mites and anything else. Nothing. She said we may of caught it early.

He was put on antibiotic eye drops for 7 days. It got a lot better. The 7 days were completed. He did improve quite a bit. However the bumps have come back just a little bit. He is not closing his eye like he first was.

The vet called yesterday to check on him. I'm waiting to hear back. So I started to look online just to see what I could find out.

Little bit stumped on what it may be. Ever hear of small bumps on an eyelid of a finch before?

I have four birds total. The others are perfectly fine. Nothing has spread to them. Everyone eats, plays sings and takes baths.

Could the bumps be the result of a small fight? I wonder....Squabbles can happen. There is another finch he puts up with up to a point. We have plans to change the cage situation so that will be resolved.

I have time to wait for an answer as he's already under medical care.

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Feb 23, 2011
Finch with bumps
by: The Avian Vet

These spots may be injury from another bird. They could be infection from a virus, bacteria or fungus. They could also be ingrown feathers. A veterinary exam may be able to determine the cause.

Dr B

Feb 21, 2011
Society Finch with small bumps on upper eye lid
by: Linda

Unless Dr. B wishes to answer this, I suggest you stick with your Avian Vet and work through this with them. Sometimes fatty tumurs occur in birds who are eating or have eaten too much fat, and though they are normally benign, they do not ever go away completely once they are there. One of my Amazons has one on bottom of one eye, and vet took a draw and found just fatty tissue. It can be surgically removed if it starts causing problems with vision, but for now is okay. This bird spent many, many years eating all seed diet and other fat laden products before I got them and switched them to Harrison's pellets, so some of the damage was done. Also, Amazons tend to overeat whatever they are eating, so can also get these from eating too much of a good thing. We have since cut down amounts of food and have seen no more of these tumors.

Stay with your vet and ask them if the material in these growths are fatty tissue. You won't want to remove them unless they are actually interfereing with bird's ability to see. Your poor little guy has had a lot of problems in his little life and thanks for taking such good care of him!

Thanks for writing and keep us posted on how this goes.


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