solomon island eclectus female parrot

by sue

just above the top of my electus parrots beak, is a bald spot, it has what appear to be stubble, or prickly looking things there. she is 2 years old.this spot has been there for quite awhile now.could this be from her cleaning her beak and rubs the spot also? nothing has changed with her as far as her eating, disposition etc.

thanks in advance, sue

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Feb 26, 2009
by: sue

I have posted before, I have another question, my 2 year old female eclectus has just in the last few days, started putting paper in her veggie cup, with her veggies. any idea why she does this? also , the bald spot on her head is filling in with red now. thanks....sue

Feb 20, 2009
Eclectus with bald spot
by: The Vet

I see lots of fungal disease in Eclectus that starts like you describe. It could be from her rubbing her head, but you need to have it looked at by an avian veterinarian for a diagnosis and treatment.

Dr B

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