Some molting, some not???

by Lynn
(Dallas, TX)

I have four cages of birds. A Senegal in #1, 4 Black Cap/Green Cheek mix Conures in #2, 3 Black Cap/Green Cheeks in #3, and a Hahns Macaw and a Quaker in #4.
All the birds in cage #3 are molting and have been for some time now. All the others are not molting at all. They are all in the same climate, fed the same, and treated the same.
Why are these three molting and none of my other birds are???
I will greatly appreciate any answers. I just want to make sure that nothing is 'wrong' with them.

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May 26, 2010
Birds molting at different times
by: The Avian Vet

That is just the way it is. All birds do not molt at the same time.

I cannot tell you there is nothing wrong with them unless I examine them, but it is normal for birds not to all molt at the same time. Birds need to be seen by an avian veterinarian annually for check ups and vaccines. If you think there is a problem, then they need to be seen before their annual visit.

BTW, please do not hybridize more birds or support hybridization by buying hybrids. We are not able to get more breeding stock from the wild so the captive breeders are all that we have left to produce pure offspring. If you are breeding these mixed conures, please stop. Species need to be kept pure. The offspring cannot be bred to produce pure breeds. Hybrids have unpredictable behaviors, they can have health problems that pure birds do not have.

Dr B

May 24, 2010
Some molting, some not???
by: Linda

All birds do molt roughly about the same times, and there can still be some difference in how long molts last, when they begin and end.

If you have not had all these birds to an Avian Vet in more than a year, then they all need to be checked out as soon as is possible for infections and/or parasites.Infections and malnutrition can cause molts to come and stay until birds are bare of all feathers. Unless all of yours are eating high quality organic pellets, they are malnourished, and is something you need to addresss. Birds are expensive to care for properly which is why most of us have just one or two or maybe three.

I also hope your cages are immense because otherwise, you have too many birds in too small cages.

Thanks for writing,

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