Something fell on my bird!

by Kelly

Today, we let our bird fly freely around the house. Though, we left the door open to our toy room and he flew inside! A toy car fell on top of him, but he was luckily alright. Some of his feathers fell of, but he seemed to be okay. We put him back inside his cage, and he looked fine and normal. He even began chirpping, and acting like he always does. Then, I noticed he was bleeding a bit from the back, where his feathers were. Im really worried, we are taking him to the vet tommorrow because it is closed today. Will he be okay until then?

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Jun 13, 2009
Bird bleeding
by: Tracie

Oh My! If the bird is still bleeding, then I am afraid I am too late to tell you it is an emergency. Hopefully everything is okay.

You should find a 24 hour avian clinic and keep that number on your 'fridge. I think your regular avian vet probably has a number for you.

If there are any problems still, call a breeder in your area. They will likely know how to help you and have a number for a 24 hour clinic you can go to.

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