Something Weird !!!!

by Priyanka

I just got a alexandrine Parrot male . he is 1 month old and when we got hi, he was doing well then we feed him apple , cerelac and boiled yellow grams but on the second day we noticed that there was blood in his droppings and he also became lazy and and talked softly . Is it any infection ? what should i do to stop this ? and what should i feed him to be healthy ?

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Jan 04, 2012
Bird with blood in poop
by: Tracie

You either need to take this bird back to the breeder or Find an Avian Vet right away!

This bird should NOT be sold this young and should be eating hand feeding formula. Internal bleeding is very serious and must be treated right away. I would get the breeder to take the bird to the vet, you should not have to pay for this.

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