sooth skin

by Lisa

My old cockatiel has had poop stuck to her bum last couple of days so have been soaking it off in warm water, it there anything that gets the poop of easier? And is there anything that I could put on after to sooth/ease skin? (salt water/ Vaseline or any cream?) It has not bleed but looks sore.

She has been on antibiotics for bad chest for a few weeks & finished them now & I think it has messed her body up she has just started to drink & eat half normal & is now back on prebiotic in water so hopefully this will help.

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Jul 29, 2009
by: Lisa

I took her back to the vets & her bum is all sorted now, Thanks

Jul 05, 2009
Upset tummy
by: Linda

If your bird has been on antibiotics for a few weeks, she has an upset digestive tract which is evidenced by the poop on her bum. What happens when antibiotics are given a long time is birds usually also develop a yeast infection just like humans can. Please call your vet and tell him about the "runs" she is experiencing, and he may want her to take something for the possible yeast infection. She DOES NOT NEED ANYMORE ANTIBIOTICS AT THIS POINT. I had a very sick Amazon years ago who had pneumonia, and she was on injectible and oral antibiotics for almost a month. When finished with them, she still had the runs, and doctor said she had a yeast infection and gave her something for that.

As for oils, especially vaseline on birds, DO NOT EVER PUT VASELINE ON A BIRD OR ANY OTHER TYPE OF OIL NOT PRESCRIBED BY AN AVIAN VET. What happens with vaseline and other petroleum products is once they are on the bird anywhere, they tend to spread over all the bird's skin. This will suffocate them in a short time. That is why oil spills kill so many birds, the oil is over a major portion of their bodies, and they are in the process of suffocation. Even a small amount of the spill getting on them spreads and same thing happens. That's why volunteers will be seen washing them in Dawn dishwashing detergent as it is harsh, high sudsing and is the only kind of thing that will remove this oil and still be safe for the birds.

So, what your bird needs at this point is to go back to vet for possible meds for a yeast infection. If her chest is still congested, that means the antibiotics may have caused a yeast infection there.Just make an appointment with vet and go from there. Tell him you suspect a possible yeast infection from all the antibiotics which could also be in her chest as the yeast grows in dark warm environments throughout the body.

Keep us posted on her progress. Also an older bird is just not going to "spring back" like a younger one will. If she is not eating enough or has lost a lot of weight, you need to ask him about supplementing her with syringes or spoons of a baby parrot handfeeding formula, and Tracie has some out here(60cc syringes can be found in some feed stores or your vet may have a few). We had to do that with the Amazon I mentioned as she went completely off feed and would have died if we hand not handfed her several times a day with the handfeeding formula for the duration of her illness. Your vet can better instruct you as to how much and how often on the formula.


Jul 04, 2009
Bird with sore vent area
by: Tracie

Dr. B will be away for a few days, so please call your vet and let him/her know about this. It may be that something else is wrong and the bird needs to be seen again.

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