Sore leg.

by Lisa
(NSW, Australia)

My budgie has a sore leg. He can still walk on it and climb up the cage to his perch, but not as well as he used to. He doesnt stay up on the perch for long, he then goes to the bottom. He is sort of leaning on the leg that isnt sore.

I clean his cage regularly due to him being on the bottom alot. I give him fresh food and water daily. And I give him carrot, lettuce and celery chopped up small pieces in a food dish. He is still eating and drinking like he should be. Im just wondering if the other budgie in with him has knocked him down and he has just got a sprain or something? Will it heal?

Im moving the other budgie out of the cage today and im going to take the perch down and put it on the bottom. Do you know what is wrong? Is there anything more I can do to keep him in comfort? He is 10-11 weeks old.

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Dec 15, 2009
Sore leg.
by: Linda

First of all STOP FEEDING ANY CELERY AS THE STRINGS IN IT CAN CAUSE THE CROP TO BECOME IMPACTED WHICH WILL HAVE TO BE REMOVED BY AN AVIAN VET.Since you've been chopping it up, you are probably safe for now. Celery has little value as a veggie treat, so it is okay to stop it. Carrots would be easier to digest if you chopped them up and steamed them a little. I think raw is okay too, so just a suggestion.

You need to make an appointment with an Avian Vet in your driving area to have your bird's leg looked at. It could be broken and in need of setting. Please do not delay taking him to an Avian Vet so they can take xrays of his leg to make sure it is not broken. Hairline fractures can become compound fractures if not seen to.

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