sore on parrotlets toe

by Lisa
(Concord, NH, USA)

Yesterday I was gone for about 2 hours and when I returned I took my parrotlet out of his cage and noticed that on his left foot he has a red mark. It looks like a blood blister.

His toe is not swollen and he is still standing and using it but I am curious to know what is wrong with his toe. I checked all of his toys and perches and didn't happen to see anything that would cause the injury.

In his cage he has manzita perches, rope perches, dragon wood perches, and grape wood perches.

The rope perches do not have any frayed parts so I do not know what would have caused the mark. We use filtered water, he gets a mixture of seed, pellets, fruits and veggies. His food and water as well as his cage are cleaned on a daily basis. I have attached a picture to show what it looks like so hopefully that will help.

If he needs to go to the vets I will bring him tomorrow when my avian vet is open.

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Aug 25, 2008
by: Lisa

I found out what caused the injury. My parrotlet's toys have chains on them and he happened to get his toe caught in it. I called my avian vet and was advised just to keep an eye on it and make sure he was not limping, that it didn't start oozing and didn't start smelling.

My vet Dr, Dutton at Weare Animal Hospital in New Hampshire said that if any of the above started to happen that I would need to bring him right in but he thinks it may just be a bruise.

Aug 24, 2008
Parrotlet possible injury
by: The Vet

You should have this looked at. It is likely an injury, but I saw a similar problem on a beak once, with a similar history to what you describe - everything perfect. It turned out to be a stain from a raspberry. If it does not wash off, go see an avian veterinarian. If you find out what it is, please let me know.

Dr B

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