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Hi, There are a lot of concerns raised on the net and elsewhere about the use of Soy products in hand rearing formula and pellets. It has been suggested that birds dont digest Soy as well as humans, that it alters hormone levels, that chicks dont thrive on formula containing Soy etc.

Our birds do well on pellets fruit and veg. When we have to pull chicks we use commercial product as I feel a team of nutritionists must know better than us. I also feel it best to leave a chick as long as possible with it parents as we cant duplicate many of the things nature provides. Some breeders mix their own formula because they dont like Soy and feel that different species have different needs.

I was hoping some thoughts may be given with regards to the use of Soy and why it is used and the benefits of hand rearing as opposed to parent reared. Some claim parent reared chicks can be friendly if the owners have good relationships with the parents.

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Apr 15, 2009
Soy for birds?
by: The Vet

Soy is used in formulas because it is a cheap source of protein. It is accepted by chicks and the chicks seem to do OK on it. I do not use it personally, but I know of others who do and have no problems. It has been processed so digestibility is not an issue.

I am a proponent of hand raising babies because they imprint on humans and seem to be better companions. I am also a proponent of leaving them with the parents for 2-3 weeks. This gives them the best start and gives them some maternally-derived immunity that they need to be able to prevent infection while they are babies.

I personally think that it is just stupid and irresponsible to make one?s own formula. Avian nutritionists have worked and researched many years to develop formula that is balanced and complete. There is no way to make that type of formula at home. Most breeders don?t have the education or the knowledge of avian nutrition nor are they qualified veterinarians, so they should stop pretending to be both of those things.

Dr. B

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