soyabean milk is it ok or not ?

by rakesh

i have african gray parrot and i m giving him soyabean milk is it ok or not ?

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Feb 10, 2013
soybean milk
by: Anonymous

NO milk is good for a bird. A bird's digestive system is not the same as other animals and they cant digest milk like other animals can.

Feb 10, 2013
Soy milk and birds
by: Tracie

Why are you giving your bird soy milk? Birds should eat bird food, human food is not necessary and is often dangerous.

Unless you are grinding the soybeans and making the soy milk yourself, don't give it to the bird. If you do make your own soy milk, I still suggest you NOT give it to your bird because it fills the bird up with something besides what it needs to be healthy.

Here is my answer to a previous person that asked this question:

There is more and more disturbing data found about soy beans and products. Soy beans in their natural state contain large quantities of natural toxins and there is data that soy is cumulatively toxic when fed to animals. For example, The PARROT SOCIETY NEW ZEALAND claims that soy products in bird food have caused such problems as immune system breakdown, failure of organs and multiplication of the birds' own benign bacteria. This is why our totally organic pellets do not contain soy beans.

This is a quote from the following link:
Totally Organics Pellets

You can also read about other health issues here:
Parrots Health

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