Special Care for older aging parrots (orange winged)

by Jan Myers
(San Diego, CA)

I was wondering is there special things to do for an ageing parrot in his mid thirties. He does seem to scratch more, but has never plucked any of his feathers. He gets southern exposure lighting all day. He eats pellet food and seed balls. He gets fresh fruit and veggies everyday and of course runs the household. He gets gobs of attention. Goes to bird store every six weeks for nail and wing cuts, and then picks out his toys to play with. Should he be getting special vitimins. Thank You

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Apr 02, 2009
Care for aging parrots
by: Tracie

Please read our
Aging Parrots article for more information about aging parrots.

Apr 02, 2009
Special care for older birds
by: The Vet

If he is on pellets (at least 80% of his diet), he does not need vitamins. He may be itchy because his skin is dry. He should have a bath a couple of times weekly and a humidifier if the air is below 40% relative humidity.

The best food to feed is Harrison's. This food is organic and has Omega fatty acids to keep his skin supple and his feathers healthy. I personally don?t think that he needs a wing clip every 6 weeks. Usually 2-3 times annually is enough.

If you are clipping his nails that often, then you need to give him some better perches. He needs a pedicure perch, preferably a Safe Pedicure Perch, to sleep on. This will prevent you from ever having to clip his nails.

I see you did not mention taking him to see the veterinarian. This is going to be the most important thing you can do for your geriatric Amazon. He should be seen every 6 months, have some survey x-rays on file, have blood work on file, get exams for papillomavirus and even be vaccinated for polyomavirus.

Dr. B

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