Specialist Avian Veterinarian

by Maddy

My parakeet was treated my one of the Best Avian Veterinarian in India with expertise in Wild life Medicine and Avian Surgery

Please go to Dr.Yuvraj Kaginkar ( 9619522077 ) in Mumbai for any consultancy Advise on Avian Medicine and I am sure he will be able to sort all problems.


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Aug 03, 2018
Avian veterinarian in Mumbai
by: animesh khemkar

Hi People,

Thank you I got Dr. Yuvraj numbber from this website and he is now consultant for my macaw at Parel for past 2 years . earlier I was taking my macaw to lady vet and she completly screwed up the case and has abosloutly no knowledge in avian medicine my macaw would have died in her hands I strongly advise not to consult with these 2 ladies who call themselves Avian Veterinarian.


Aug 03, 2018

My African Grey Parrot is getting treatment from Dr. Yuvraj from Myvets , He completly lost his feather and went very skinny , I found Dr. YUvraj number from this website and contacted him thankfully my bird survived . He also gave some natural sprays for molting and which was very wonderful and kept all pests away too from cages

friends you can get in touch with him for any more queries on avians , he is the best Avian Veterinarian so far I have met.

Jul 22, 2018

My Macaw jolly was not well and had severe diarrohoea in 3 days he went completely thin and his sternum was visible thats when I got in touch with Dr. Yuvraj from Mumbai who came and visited in kolkata and saved my baby .

He also gave PAKSHI SPRAY for molting which is excellent . you can reach him on 9833522077 or www.myvetstrust.org

Jul 22, 2018

My african grey parrot was vomiting continuously for 2 days tried consulting the vets over here but hardly anyone had any knowledge in Avian Medicine thankfully I got Dr. Yuvraj number from net and he gave Tele - medicine for my bird , It was because of him my bird survived .

He has amazing knowledge in Avian Medicine & Surgery . You can reach him on 9833522077 in case of emergency


Jul 04, 2018
Vet for parrot in bangalore
by: Flo

Dear all
Please recommend a good vet for parrots in bangalore.
Every place a go.. the doctors deal only with dogs and cats. I dont want to go to some inexperienced doctor. Please please help

Jun 01, 2018
Dr. Neha Shah killed by Macaw
by: aparna

guys please be aware of this Dr.Neha's Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic Veterinarian Clinic at
Goregoan East mumbai ,I went to her because she was close to my house , She is highly inexperienced and because of her no knowledge in Avian Medicine , I lost my Sun conure .

Will never ever recommend her , she is a fraud

Jun 01, 2018
Dr. Yuvraj Kaginkar of Myvets is an Expert Avian Veterinarian
by: swati rane

I came to know about Dr. Yuvraj too from this website and he is an excellent Avian Veterinarian now it;s been 3 years we are consulting with him and my Lorikeet babies are doing very well , Never had any issues with them.

His no is 9833522077 and he also gives teephonic consultations during emergencies .

You can try in need

Swati , Mumbai

Jun 01, 2018
African Grey Parrot
by: Rupali Parab

Dr. Shiwani killed by bird due to utter negligence and I lost my minni African grey parrot due to her , I brought another bird and now taking Dr. Yuvraj consultations for management , feeding and treatment of joey

May 16, 2018
Sun Conure Left Eye Closed
by: Anonymous

My sun conure is closing his left eye, I had taken him to a vet he prescribed some drops and also some multi vitamins.
But even after a week now he still closes his eye sometimes.
When i looked closely , I could see a small boil kinda structure on the black part of his eye.
Can anyone please suggest a ophthalmologist in Mumbai(Near Bandra) or Pune?
Or Is there anything I can do from my end?
Please help!!!

May 11, 2018
Macaw shedding
by: Pradeep Kuppaswamy

All of a sudden I see many small feathers all over the house, past two days - can any one help me on this and also guide me to a right doctor on this

Editor's note: Your bird may be molting, meaning losing old feathers and new feathers are coming in. You may see a lot of dust too and the bird may be itchy.

Apr 25, 2018
Indian green Parrot
by: Lauretta

She has suddenly stopped talking today. Other sounds come but she is not talking. Tries to talk keeps opening her mouth
When you talk to her but cannot talk. She is eating her food.
Also active. Please help me.

Apr 21, 2018
by: Anonymous

Hello sir I would be thankful if u reply to this text soon...I just got a parrot whose eye has suddenly turned into blakish blue or brown in colour please help me what do o do to cure it .

Editor's note: You need to find an avian vet for your bird to see. Please contact your breeder for help if you can't find an avian vet.

Apr 19, 2018
by: Anonymous

My sun conure is effected with feather problem.can you please tell me why it is happened?and how to cure this problem.he is a very active member of my aviary.food intake is also normal.

Editor's note: You need to find an avian vet that can see your bird in order to get treatment. If you can't find an avian vet, please contact your breeder for suggestions.

Apr 18, 2018
Parrot unable to stand
by: Anonymous

Hey, my parakeet fall from cage few days back in order to fly but failed and is now unable to stand could you help me ? Consulted vet he gave medicines , no bone breakage or anything but legs are weak and is not able to stand , all weight he is putting in his beak to move .. please help its urgent , he is now 2 months old ...

Editor's note: If you don't feel your avian vet is helping, then please find another vet your bird can see. You can also contact your breeder for help.

Oct 21, 2017
by: Anonymous

Hello Dr Yuvraj I am new to this site please help me my Indian parrot is 1 and half year old she is plucking his feather from neck, back, she is sitting quite she never sits quite I am worried weather she will b fine I have searched for vet doctor but I couldn't find any who can help me.
Please tell me what medicine should I give him so that I can save him.

Editor's note: Please find a good breeder, they will be able to guide you to either an avian vet or suggest treatments that you can find where you live.

Jul 08, 2017
my pets treatment
by: sangeeta

my affrican grey parrot is weak .his wings falling
i thing his legs swelling.
i am worried about him what should i do? Who is birds doctor who treat my bird (joY)

Editor's note: Do a search online for an avian vet.

Jun 26, 2017
Try this website
by: Anonymous

You could try this website, i haven't tried it yet though:


Editor's note: I am not advocating the above website, in fact I find it confusing and difficult at best to find any helpful information quickly. Please consult with your avian vet where you live.

Jun 18, 2017
by: Sudhanshu MIttal

Hello Guys,

I can vouch for Dr.YUvraj who not only treated my cockatoo but also designed the excellent indoor aviary for my baby and I am so glad to this forum for introducing me to such a genuine avian vet .

guys if you need any expert advise on avian management get in touch with me and I can give you his number


Apr 26, 2017
hairfall in my parrot
by: Anonymous

My parrot is 4 years old and from last year he is continuously losing his hairs of the whole body. Now he is having hairs only on his head. The condition is getting worse day by day. In an article i have read to give neem water bath to parrots to treat hairfall and i have tried that too but got no result. Please suggest what to do.

Mar 31, 2017
Emergency Avian Veterinarian
by: Manisha Matkar

I am new to this site but can vouch on Dr.Yuvraj who treated my Blue Gold Macaw Joey for severe diarrhea in emergency hours when I almost gave up the hope as doctors in Raipur are not trained in Exotic Avian Species . I searched on internet and found his number and thankfully with doctors advise today my joey is alive and healthy . He is saviour and the best.


Mar 17, 2017
Mili savekar
by: Anonymous

Thanks for all the post as I got Avian Veterinarian Dr. YUvraj number from the previous posts who not only saved my African Grey ( Jazz ) also treated my pet tortoise

guys you can always reach him for Tele - medicine as I live in Bangalore he prescribed everything as per the symptoms . I am grateful to him

This is his number - 9833522077


Mar 16, 2017
by: Samta Pushp

DR. yuvraj has been treating my African Grey parrot for alomost 5 years now and he has sound knowledge of the subject in Avian Medicine & surgery though he does not operate from his clinic anymore he is available on house call only on prior appointments as he is involved in many wildlife projects all over India.

I really doubt about the post from anonymous about Dr. Yuvraj 's hospital because as per my knowledge he closed that branch a year back so guys do not believe all these anonymous people who are defaming genuine doctor .

If you do not believe and need validation visit his website

Samta Pushp

Mar 16, 2017
by: Anonymous

My scarlet macaw died due to negligence of Dr.Tandel who killed my baby . Please please do not take your bird to Dr. Shivani if you want your pricey bird alive .

Nisha Dua

Feb 25, 2017
Dr Yuvraaj is a fraud don't go to him
by: Anonymous

Pls do not go to Dr Yuvraaj my cockateil died because of his uncare....he promised he would give medication to my sick bird which he advised to keep at his clinic after a week when I went the bird was in bad condition and he said he didn't give medicine as he didn't think the bird needed it.my bird passed away two days later..this guy is a fraud....if you want a reliable doctor for bird Dr shivani tandel is genuine...pls look up her contact details...online.

Dec 19, 2016
by: Anonymous

I rushed my pigeon to him early morning at 8am, his whole crop was cut open when i found him, the doctor did not even keep my bird with him, the so called animal hospital was not even opened by anyone till we called several times, he just wants money thats all.

Oct 13, 2016
by: Anonymous

My bird is not able to lay eegg I think it is egg binding please suggest me how can I help my bird

Editor's note: Get your bird to an avian vet ASAP. Feed high quality pellets in the future to prevent egg binding. Harrison's or Roudybush at 80% of their diet is what they need.

Nov 20, 2015
indian ring neck scratching due to itching and losing feathers
by: haris

my indian ring neck is an active bird but she is always scratches its neck back and under wings and is losing feathers on the back and back of head. her feather colour was supposed to be bright green naturally but she always has rough and dull coloured weathers. she also has a few grey and yellowish feathers instead of green. i worried about her, a few vet suggested calcium medicine but im not sure.
what do you recommend? is thier a treatment?
another thing she was diagnosed with new white castle disease a few months ago but she took medicine for a few weeks and is now cured and active since 2 months. this scratching is older then the new castle disease.

Oct 29, 2015
My pet parrot is very sick plz help
by: Aparna

My female green parrot is sick from 4 days, she has sleeping all day and do not eat anything itself. And she have swelling on her butt and those area get tight, and continues flow of white colour potty. Plz suggest for her treatment.

Editor's Note: Please copy and paste this link in your browser to find an avian vet for your bird so it can be examined to determine what is wrong and what the potential treatment might be. http://www.parrot-and-conure-world.com/find-an-avian-vet.html

Oct 07, 2015
African grey. ..urgent care
by: Anonymous

Is there any african grey veterinary doctor in bangalore. .
Please help

Jun 03, 2015
please dont go to ths doctor
by: Anonymous

please think about it.... how can comments come for only one doctor... and that too only one avian veterinarian... with same story from all people in regular intervals ....my lovely bird was ill... we showed it to our local vet and his condition got worsen and then I took her to the brids yuvraj..Dr from kharghar and that angle saved my bird...

guys don't get fooled...please check with other people around to get reference to best avian veterinarian for your loved one...I am writing this blog after visiting him.... he used internet to give you stories and get some money from you...

Apr 13, 2015
Avian Veterinarian Mumbai

My pet conure was having severe diarrhea, I got Dr.Yuvraj number from net and immediately took my pet vitoo to his kharghar hospital .My pet survived because of Dr.Yuvraj.

guys dont waste time to go here and there for your pet bird just visit Dr,Yuvraj Kaginkar for expert advise on avians.

Ths z his number- 9833522077/ 8108422077

Hospital- Myvets4pets animal hospital, sec-21 kharghar


Mar 13, 2015
baby parrot
by: Anonymous

My baby parrot was sick and I took him to a vet at prabhadevi.his condition detoriated with the medicines and injection given to him.the vet could not diagnose his problem and finally my poor baby parrot expired today.I wish I could have found this site and known about Dr yuvraj.its a sad day for me.she did not even pick up the line during emergency.

Mar 02, 2015
avian veterinarian
by: natasha

my african grey parrot Rio was having diarrhea for along time when i showed it to one of the vets in prabha devi , his condition deteriorated then I found Dr.Yuvraj number from internet and took rio to him.
My rio is absolutely fine now and is alive because of Dr.Yuvraj.

His Avian hospital is at kharghar , this is his number - 8108422077


Jan 17, 2015
House Sparrow
by: Pramod Singh

Hello guys,
I have a little house sparrow (female) which my wife found on the stairs of a building. This bird was infant. She was ok but a month ago her behaviour changed and she looked weak and inactive. She was also limping and could not walk properly. I showed this little bird (Tweety) to a vet near my area. Her conditions got even worse after the treatment. I thought my bird would lose her life for not having a proper avian vet in Mumbai.

Luckily, while searhing on internet I found the name of only avian speacialist Dr. Yuvraj Kangikar. I immediately took her to this doctor at Kharghar clinic. He checked and diagnoed her to be suffering from jaundice. He prescribed some medicines for a few days. At last I my little bird is normal and active just as I wanted her to be.

Thanks to Dr.Yuvraj Kangikar who saved my bird. All you guys, if your pet is not well, just visit this vet doctor. He is an expert and genius.

Aug 27, 2014
Dr. Yuvrak kaginkar killed my bird
by: Neha

This only Avian vet has killed my cockatiel with his medicines. His irresponsible attitude took the life of my bird. Blood was oozing out from her excretory area, all due to the injections this doctor gave. If at Mumbai just because there are few avian vets do not out of compulsion take treatment for your pet from such doctors. meri bird tadap kar mari hai, i can never forget those moments, in emergency when i called this doctor he did not even bother to pick, and his attitude is vain. Rest is a personal choice

May 28, 2014
by: Anonymous

i was searcin 4 avian vet... nw i knw wom to contact!

May 03, 2013

DR.YUVRAJ is vet for my cockatoo and my little turtle , he is a wonderful vet and must say the only expert in mumbai for birds .I have been to his hospital at kharghar , they have hospital facility for birds and exotics.

guys here are the details in case u need help

myvets4pets helpline no - 8108422077

Dr.Yuvraj Kaginkar - 9833522077

Apr 25, 2013
by: Reyansh

Hey Guys ,

I took my Macaw to this wonderful Avian Vet in kharghar ( DR.Yuvraj Kaginkar ) , he is too good and knowledgeable , my macaw was having a fracture and this vet fixed it up. now romeo is doing fine .

He has Hospitalization facility for birds at his hospital as well.

Dr.Yuvraj Kaginkar - 8108422077


Aug 15, 2012
Dr. Kaginkar , a guardian angel.

Dr. kaginkar saved my 6 month old plum headed parakeet. we had no hopes of recovery until we met the man.He indeed is a genius. many thanks doctor. we always will be ever grateful.

Feb 03, 2012
Avain Veterinarian in Mumbai

Hi Everyone,

I hav a beautiful Amazon Parrot named kingy ,he was having diarrohea for 3 days and I took him to a small animal practitoner who gave some injections and my bird started to collapse with no movement then my frind suggested to call Dr.Yuvraj , who is a Avian Vet. thankfully he came on time and gave the necessary medications which saved my bird .he is just the best. you can contact him on 9833522077.


Dec 02, 2011
by: Ragini , Lalbagh

Hi All, I have a beautiful cockatoo who was vomiting and there was discharge from his nostrils as well, swollen eyes.I took her to some vet in prabhadevi nd condition got deteriorated at last from this website I found out Dr.YUVRAJ KAGINKAR number and thanx o this wonderful vet who made my BUBBLE okay now he is absoloutly fine.



Aug 11, 2011

yeah ! DR. Yuvraj is Vet for my grey parrot too and is a wonderful vet as such.

He saved my bird from dying and for us he is angel !!

His clinic is in SION, MUMBAI , I think near narayn Nagar. Call him on 9833522077 ( www.myvetsol.com )

Kirti Shah

Jun 01, 2011

Hello Bird owners,

My Alexander parakeet died due to RD now I would like to suggest all bird owners to go for Avian Vaccination against viral diseases.

In MUMBAI Dr.YUVRAJ KAGINKAR is Avian Veterinarian who is doing Avian Vaccination and Management.

You can reach him on 9833522077 or on www.myvetsol.com

Mahi Pareekh, Andheri

Nov 21, 2010
Suggest an Avian Vet for Mumbai India
by: Tracie

This is GREAT news! Please fill out the form at the link below so that others will have this information.

Suggest an Avian Vet

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