spike on back of birds neck

by Jenny
(Orillia, ontario)

Hello, I have had my cockateil for about a month now and was petting him and noticed on the back of his neck close to his sholderblades, there is a black spike like thing. It almost looks like a feather that is only stem. It does not show through the feathers but is right below them. He is a white and grey cockateil. He is my first bird and want to make sure he doesn't need to be taken to the vets. He doesn't seem to be bothered by it.

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Jan 18, 2012
Spike on bird's neck
by: Tracie

This is just a new feather coming in. Your bird will probably get more soon. These are called blood feathers, because there is still a blood supply going to them.

Your bird may be tender where these feathers are and might get grumpy if you touch them. As the feather becomes ready to unfurl, the shaft will flake off and you will see powder everywhere. To help the bird with this, you can provide water for the bird to bathe in every day.

Only leave water out for about 3 hours or until you see the bird bathe. Allowing a bird to drink and bathe in bacteria water will allow your bird to get bacterial infections. Your bird should drink from a water bottle to prevent infection.

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