spliting up bonded brother and sister greenwings what could be the ill effects?

by donna addario

I adopted 2 greenwings age 4 yrs, i was concerned for their well being, i had only wanted 1 greenwing, the bonding is issue i have no experience with or the possible ill effects on the birds.

2 greenwings is too much care for me, the male seems needy, and gives me the impression he needs more attention. his sister when she has had enough knocks him off the perch. I also am concerned will the spilt affect the female? She is well behaved, doesnt scream, loves being out of her cage on her stand or with me. ive only had them for a week,
longer i keep the male it will make it more difficult to give him up. advice?

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Nov 26, 2011
spliting up bonded brother and sister greenwings what could be the ill effects?
by: Linda

Well, you haven't given either of them time to settle in much less stop being needy. Depending on the environment they came out of, they could have been abused and/or neglected to the point of madness. You cannot separate them because for one thing it is way too soon to do this, and if they've been together since birth, they could both die from grieving. You took them both on, and my suggestion is you honor that original commitment. The Macaws are some of the most wonderful companion birds on the planet if given half a chance.

They will not reach sexaul maturity until they are about 7+ years of age, so now is the time to put them in separate cages that are close together. HQ also makes a doulbe Macaw cage that has a divider in the middle which allows them to see and do a little grooming of each other, but won't allow breeding later or the female hurting the male. I have a pair of Amazons in this cage because the female hurts the male as she is larger. They used to get along, and now, the barrier keeps them close but not too close. You may want to think about this.

Both your birds must be examined by an Avian Vet right away. We suggest all new birds have exams for infections during the first few days to make sure they are healthy. If you male has an infection, then so does his sister and both need to be examined to rule out physical issues especially if they came out of a less than good home before yours.

The worst thing in the world to do right now is to rehome one of them. They are in shock and scared to death. They need your compassion, understanding and commitment to their best good. Throwing one away because he is not acting as you think he should is not a good idea. He may be sick or just sick at heart. Take them both to avian vet for exam and then either get another cage for male or get the double Macaw cage for both of them.

Please give them some time to adjust to all the new things. If you are really serious about rehoming, then rehome them together because they need each other for emotional support right now. They are lost, and believe me, they feel all your stress and anxiety, and this is not good for either of them. Trust is earned not freely given in the parrot families, so do your best to give them the love they both need and work through these problems.


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