Spoon feeding Baby budgies

by Marina

Whello, my breeding pair of budgies has laid eggs and the chicks have hatched but neither of the parents want to feed them so I will have to start hand feeding so I'd like to know how much formula I should feed a three week old baby budgie ?

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Feb 06, 2011
Spoon feeding Baby budgies
by: Linda

This issue you are having is what I caution people about all the time. If you don't ALREADY know how to handfeed baby parrots, do not breed them. Lots of parent birds do not know how to feed their babies because they were hatched in incubators, handfed by humans, and birds don't even know they are birds. These birds will not know how to feed babies. Commercial bird breeding facilities do this to save time so they can turn these birds over quickly for a profit. They do not care what the future is for these birds, so people need to be prepared to handfeed their baby parrots from day one if necessary.

If you have not already started feeding your baby birds, they are dead by now. Use baby parrot handfeeding formula, found here and in most pet stores, feeding can be done with a tiny spoon and is best done with a small syringe. Take babies to Avian Vet and get the proper tools and maybe some food to tide you over until you get some handfeeding formula.

It is important to know how to handfeed before breeding because your babies will be dying while you try and figure it out. Handfeeding with a syringe is a learned skill, so have Avian Vet or a breeder show you the correct way to do it. Avian Vet can also tell you how much how often. For birds this small, it will be quite frequent and smaller amounts.

Not meaning to be harsh, I just want to make sure others that read this avoid making the same mistake.


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