Spots on Mexican red heads eyes.

by David
(Fresno Ca.)

I noticed a small white spot on each of my Mexican red heads eyes, they look like small pieces of lint near the top part of his pupils. I have reason to belive that its not something stuck to his eyes because they dont move or go away. He seems to be in good health, he is very playful & vocal. If this is something you feel I need to find an avian vet for Please let me know. I have had him for about a year, His name is huggy and he is 30yrs old. thanks!!!

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Jan 15, 2009
Spots on Amazon eyes
by: The Vet

You should be taking him in to see an avian veterinarian. Not because I think that his eyes have a problem, but because a bird should see a veterinarian annually as a well bird check up. He needs vaccines and baseline blood work on file. He should also be examined every 6 months for signs of papillomavirus lesions.

Plus he is considered a geriatric patient and should be seen for that if for no other reason.

The spots in the eyes may be pigment changes and are probably nothing to worry about. But to be sure, have them looked at; preferably sooner than later in case it is a problem.


Dr B

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