spreading wings and bowing

by Teresa H.
(Dallas Oregon USA)

We are wondering why our blue chested amazon spreads his wings and bows at us when we are getting dressed or undressing?
He also does not have a very big vocabulary. He is probably about 10 years old. We got him from a friend a couple of years ago. He can say his name clearly. Which is Coco. He will say "hi coco" when he is excited or sees someone eating something that he wants. He also says "shut up" and "stop" to loud noise. Any suggestions as to how we can help him learn more words to build his vocabulary?

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Jan 30, 2012
spreading wings and bowing
by: Linda

The bowing and wing spreading is merely a greeting behavior. The fact he enjoys doing it while you are undressed is a moot point.

Your bird's beak is very much overgrown, and he needs an Avian Vet to get this beak back to a normal size. I don't even know how he eats at all with the overgrowth you've allowed on his beak.

Take him to an Avian Vet ONLY for the beak clipping, and they may have to do it a few times to get it back to normal length. Never allow this to happen as this is dangerous. Birds can and do bleed out when the point is knocked off their beaks, so keep it to the right length by taking to an Avian Vet as needed. Do NOT do this yourself or you will risk killing your bird.

Find an Avian Vet

Birds say what they hear and what they LIKE, so if you want him to learn more words, just talk to him. Please don't stand there endlessly and say words because this will bore him stiff. Birds pick up things they like to hear and most of the time words or phrases said with some emotion behind them. Some birds do not develop a large vocabulary as this varies from one parrot to another. Since he has learned a few words, he should learn a few more, but only the ones he likes. There is no way to teach a bird to say things he does not like.

He also needs to be eating organic pellets as 80-85% of his diet. Harrison's is the best, and will help keep the beak honed down once it has been clipped correctly. Wooden chew toys will help a lot too as all parrots like to chew on wood, so find some toys with wooden parts and make sure they are appropriately sized for him.


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