Squamous Metaplasia

by Wendy Thomas
(Champlin, Minnesota)

My Pionus parrot has been diagnosed with squamous metaplasia, believed to be caused by Vitamin A defiency. Her diet has been changed to Harrison's High Potency and is recieving the recomended dosage of a Palm Oil supplement. Her nares and choanal(or throat)slit are so narrow her breathing is impaired. My question is, will this thickening recede so her nares openings, etc. will return to their normal size?

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Sep 02, 2009
Squamous metaplasia
by: The Vet

Yes, but it will take some time. I generally treat this with vitamin A injections weekly for 2-3 weeks, which speeds the recovery. I would also likely put him on antibiotics, too, as a precaution. Harrison's is the best you can feed. You may consider using Avi-x Bird Booster, which contains the Palm Oil plus some amino acids that will speed recovery. This squamous metaplasia will take 6 months or so to reverse.

Dr B

Aug 31, 2009
Sick Bird
by: Linda

This is a question only a trained Avian Vet can answer, so just ask them about it. Since vitamin deficiencies take time to appear, I would think the resulting illness will take time to go away. I strongly recommend you talk with your Avian Vet about this as they may have something that can temporarily help her with this problem. It sounds possibly dangerous if she becomes excited or scared.

The lack of Vitamin A is quite common with birds, and other pets. Birds who are not eating an organic pelleted diet plus organic veggies are in danger of developing all manner of vitamin related problems. Most pelleted and/or dry food for birds, dogs, cats and other pets is said to be 100% nutrition, and is absolutely NOT. Harrison's uses a cold extrusion method to make their pellets while most other pet food companies use a heat extrusion method rendering their foods without necessary vitamins and minerals. We feed our birds Harrisons pellets, birdy bread and some of the dark yellow, orange, and green veggies. Even our dogs have a little baked sweet potato mixed in with their food twice a day to avoid them not getting enough vitamin A.Birds usually like baked sweet potato too if you want to try her on some. I know our Amazons do anyway, and they like anything FOOD!

We hope your bird starts to feel better soon, and let us know if vet could give her anything to help her.


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