squawking a lot and sqeaking

by Ally

My 3month old male parrotlet keeps on chirping, and squaking a lot. I got him a day ago. Are these good or bad signs?

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Aug 01, 2011
squawking a lot and sqeaking
by: Linda

With all due respect, you need to get some reading material about the Parrotlet and start learning about your bird and its behavior. (Great start by posting here and asking questions.) From what you said, he sounds like a normal male.

Learning about your bird is a lot of the fun of being owned by a parrot, so find some books on caring for birds or information on the internet and print it out so you can study how to take care of your bird as to what is best to feed, how to make cage a more comfortable place to live in and about behavior and what you can expect to see in the coming days and weeks.There are some books on this site you may wish to look at, and lots of others all over the internet.

Congratulations on your new friend, and please give him what he needs to have a happy, healthy life with you.


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