Squawking Quaker Parrot

We have a Quaker parrot and he has developed a bad habit of squawking when we leave the room or cover him up for bedtime. He is so loud, our ears ring! How can we stop him from doing this?

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Jul 30, 2009
Screaming Quaker parrot
by: Tracie

We have several articles you can read on our Parrot Training page that can help with screaming parrots. Really, even the articles on biting parrots might help you understand how to help you understand your bird.

We also have parrot training aids that might help you.

Jul 30, 2009
Loud Mouthed Parrot
by: Linda

This is not unusual behavior as birds are very intelligent and will try and "make" you do what they want. They are masters at manipulation, and so you need to first of all understand your bird by buying a book about the Quakers. Tracie has some links for parrot training out here, so check them out.

Birds will also make lots of noise if they are spending too much time in cage, do not have the right kind of cage, toys and perches. They need as large a cage as you can afford, and they need to be able to stretch their wings out and "fly" some while standing on a nice natural branch perch. Food is also an issue as is disease.

If your bird has not been to an Avian vet recently or within the last year, take him in for a checkup to check for infections and/or parasites. Unhappy or unhealthy birds will make excessive noise. When a bird is really sick, they go off feed, get quiet and take a long time to get well. So, go ahead and make an appointment with your Avian vet to make sure he is healthy before ANY training.

Then, buy a book or books on the Quaker Parrots, use the links Tracie has provided about training, and hopefully you will be on the way to a well adjusted bird and save your hearing.


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