squeaky breathing

by Geana
(Wa. state)

I have a budgie about 8 yrs. old. Lately she has been squeaking while she flies and sometimes when she's just sitting but at night,periodically, I hear these really loud raspy squeaks coming from her.

She has a growth under her tail near her vent that has been looked at by a vet. He said it would be more dangerous to remove it. I thought maybe the weight of it was stressing her. My husband thinks she has asthma. But most of the day she is quiet.

Altho she just got thru a bout with moulting (she always feels bad when she moults) she is back to her active chipper self now but still with the squeaking. When I took her to the vet about the growth I mentioned the squeaking and he didn't say anything. He is not specifically an avian vet but does seem to know a lot about birds. Should I take her somewhere else or just wait for this to pass?

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May 20, 2010
Budgie "Squeaky breathing"
by: The Avian Vet

This is not going to pass. The squeaking may have something to do with the tumor, or maybe not. I think that you need to have x-rays done and maybe even a second opinion from a specialist.

Dr B

May 20, 2010
squeaky breathing
by: Linda

THIS BIRD IS SICK AND WILL DIE UNLESS YOU TAKE HER TO AN AVIAN VET. Never take your bird to a vet WHO IS NOT SPECIFICALLY AN AVIAN VET, because they WILL NEVER TREAT YOUR BIRD CORRECTLY. They ARE NOT licensed to do so, are not trained to do so, and in doing so, they are risking their licenses to practic animal medicine. Avian vets have to go to more years of school and internship than regular vets because doctoring all the exotics is way more complicated with much more to learn. A dog and cat vet will KILL YOUR BIRD, and not help it one bit because they are not qualified to do so. It's like going to a dentist to remove a tumor in your brain.

TAKE THIS BIRD TO AN AVIAN VET, AND YOU CAN FIND THEM IN PHONE BOOK OR BY ASKING OTHER VETS OUT OF THE PHONE BOOK. Usually an ad in the phone book says whether an Avian vet is part of a practice or not.

Your bird is very, very sick, and she is NOT going to get any better until you take her to a bird vet who is licensed and trained to diagnose and treat birds.

Please do not delay any longer as you've already put your bird's life in great jeopardy by playing around with this. She is suffering and in pain, and trusts YOU to help her, SO DO IT!


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