squeaky is egging

by deb
(penola sa)

my rainbow lori is about 5 yrs old and my husband bought her from a pet shop for me.she lays an egg often ,I know when its coming close to time as she shreds paper and spends a lot of time hiding under paper in her cage.wont even come out to play.i give her free range in the house and only lock her up when I go out.she is very friendly and has her own toys in the lounge room.

This past weekend it was cold so I had my lap rug and book and coffee and was all comfy when squeaks settled in with me.she wanted her belly rubbed and even rolled over on her back to let me stroke her.i had a look and could just see the egg .seems she was having a little trouble expelling the egg and I was to be midwife.so for two days we did the belly rubs and then on the third morning an egg was sitting on the bottom of the cage.so wonderful to be allowed to take part in the delivery.

i have a galah who loved my late husband so much that she used to lay her eggs on his lap every year.she mourned his death and it took months before I could touch her.jacky the galah would sleep beside my husbands head and just stay with him when he was ill.no one can tell me parrots aren't smart.