Squishy, my mad lorikeet

by Lauren
(Perth, Western Australia)

I rescued Squishy from being put-down at the vets. Rainbow lorikeets aren't native to Western Australia and they've taken over Perth so culling is in place, and I think vets are obliged to put them down if any get handed in. I had recently lost my lorikeet Gogi who didn't have his wings clipped and I was very sad at the loss, so decided to help this little bird out.

She hadn't been fed in days I think, so when I arrived with some mixture and fresh cherries for the drive home, she decided she loved me straightaway. I work from home and she's a permanent fixture on my desk and shoulder, causing havoc with the cats, and screeching when I talk to clients on the phone. Very professional!

She is very jealous and doesn't like my partner much but they have a reluctant respect for each other and have their own particular trilling sound they make back-and-forth. She's very smart, very naughty and I swear if ever these birds decide to become carnivorous, we're all doomed. They truly are veloceraptors in clownsuits.

Squishy is toilet trained, which is a good thing because rainbow lorikeets are so messy (hence her name) but she'll aim towards the cats if ever they come close and she thinks I'm not watching. Hits them without fail. She can't talk yet but imitates my girlfriend and I laughing. We all sit around laughing at each other.

I sometimes despair at the demanding nature of these birds, and I feel guilty every time I go out and leave Squish in her cage. I spend a lot of my day trying to think of new ways to stimulate the bird, which I think has a higher IQ than me. Still, when I look over and Squish has rolled herself in a tissue, happily on her back, with an earplug in her beak and her spindly legs in the air, I know it's worth all the effort.

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Jun 29, 2009
Lovely Story
by: Linda

What a lovely story, and you and Squishy have made my whole week brighter! What a bird, and what a you to love her so much.

Wish we lived closer together, and you could pop in for a cuppa, and, of course, Squishy would be invited as well.I have two Amazons, and they love to laugh too.

Don't worry so much about her having time on her own. We ALL need a little time on our own, and she is not so different from us--much prettier though!

Love You, Australia!
Linda in the USA

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