Sreaming Quaker

we have a 10 yr old quaker that screams non stop. today i was with the bird 6 and a half hours and he screamed at me the entire time. i placed him in his cage several times and he has plenty of toys and mirrors he loves. when you hold him he will quiet and then starts mating behaviors trying to regurge on me and trying to rub his butt on my face or hands this mating behavior has been going on since we moved myself and my daughter are the only ones who can hold the bird he lives with my daughter who is very busy and i at times go to her home and watch the bird.

before the move he lived in the home with the both of us and we never seen the mating behavior like it has been. the screaming is mainly done towards me he wil play for a min or 2 and then sits on the edge of his cage and just screams at me, i am at a loss of what to do because i cant get anything done or have a moment of quiet time. and how many hours of sleep should he have. do birds need naps.

thank you cheryl french

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Jul 12, 2011
Screaming Quaker parrot
by: Tracie

Screaming birds can be sooooo frustrating, I know. If this is new behavior, first have the bird checked by an avian vet to make sure that there is not something internally going on that he is screaming about.

Quakers are huge flock birds. They need their "flock" there to communicate and interact with. They naturally want to search for things to build nests with etc. Make sure your Quaker has a huge cage, plenty of things to chew and destroy. You might even provide a shelf in the cage and building material for the bird to weave something.

Jul 11, 2011
Sreaming Quaker
by: Linda

Cheryl, it sounds like the bird does not like living at your daughter's in more ways than one. If possible, bring him back home with you and see how that goes. When birds are moved and stay with the same people they were with, they adjust. If a major change, after the move is also added to the stress list, then you can have this kind of behavior start.

The other issue is physical illness. Please take bird to an Avian Vet in your driving area to either rule in or rule out some kind of physical issue with your bird. Sometimes a stressful move will cause their immune systems to go down and allow them to contract some kind of infection. Most sudden changes in behavior point to physical illness, pain or simply too much stress for one little bird to handle.

Let us know what Avian Vet has to say, and yes, my Amazons nap off and on all during the day. The fact that yours does not means he is would way too tight and could die from a heart attack if the matter is not resolved. I suggest you move him back in with you, take him to an Avian vet and make sure his diet is mostly high quality organic pellets so he is getting complete nutrition. Have some basic bloodwork done at the avian vet's to see about his Kidney, Liver and Thyroid values to make sure something physical is not going on.

Make no changes in diet until he is evened out and has been examined by an Avian Vet. Also write us back for instructions on changing birds from seeds to pellets as this takes time and has to be done in an orderly manner that does not stress the bird.

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