starting a hobby boarding center in my home

by lise
(canada, new brunswick)

I have been wanting to start boarding for a while now, but I have some concerns. My first concern is disease. I own four parrots, a hahns macaw, two alexandrines and a senegal.
I would keep boarders along with my own parrots as I do not have ample room to have a proper quarantine zone. I am worried because there is no avian vet in my area. I would like to ask for a recent health certificate from a qualified avian vet, but I do not believe customers will want to travel so far to get it. I have a consultation with my vet coming up and I am going to ask her about it.
Is there particular tests I could ask to be done to make this possible yet safe for my parrots and their own?

Your advice is greatly appreciated

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Aug 21, 2009
Hobby bird boarding center
by: The Vet

Your birds will never be 100% safe. However you can reduce the risk dramatically by having your birds be ?vetted? before boarding. If you cannot do this, I recommend not boarding in your home and exposing your birds.

Annual requirements: CBC, Chemistry panel, cloacal Gram?s stain, and Polyomavirus vaccination
One-testing negative for: PBFD, Chlamydophilla.
Cannot show any signs of disease such as diarrhea, self mutilation, nasal or ocular discharge, fluffed, not eating, etc.

By the way, your birds should have these things done as well since you will be exposing your boarders to them.

Dr B

Aug 18, 2009
Bird Boarding
by: Linda

I sense this is a dream of yours, and I honor and respect your dream. However, I must be honest and blunt about the prospects of this working in your present circumstances. Boarded birds have to be in a separate building from your home. Building has to have running, filtered water along with lights, heat and air. If you have central heat and air in your home, even a separate room will not work as strange birds bring in new and strange bacteria and even viral infections. Central heat and air carry these all over the house, and your birds will be very much at risk all the time.

The other issue with boarding other people's pets is liability insurance, and you will need to carry a lot of insurance in case of injury or some other problem that could arise with one of the boarded birds. The lady who takes our birds in from time to time has a separate building where she keeps the boarded birds, and it looks like a small home with reverse osmosis filtered water, heat, air and lights. The filtered water is a must because birds changing water will make them sick.

I would look into costs involved in a pre-fabricated building along with bringing water and electricity to it. Then once that is done, you need to talk with an insurance carrier as to insurance coverage. The building cannot be very close to your home as insurance carriers will raise your home-owner's insurance rates to cover liabilities involved with having people come and go to and from your home. You HAVE to have proper coverage so an unhappy client does not come after you in court on a personal level. This could involve losing your home if a bird was injured while in your care, and you did not have enough or the right kind of insurance. The liability insurance would cover the birds in your care as well as the clients coming and going to and from your facility. All things that can turn a dream into a living nightmare.

While your dream is a good one, you need to look at it as a business venture with all the complications that involves.

As I said earlier, I honor your dream and it is not my pleasure or desire to be negative. Just want you to be fully prepared for all contingencies.


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