Stella (Meyers Parrot)

by Mary
(Spokane Wa.)

Stella is a Meyers Parrot,she was given to me by a friend,Stella is sweet,I have not had her long,she loves to walk up under my chin and stand there pruning herself,If I don't cover the side of her cage by my chair and she sees me eating she will screech at me until I given in to her,I am teaching her kiss mommy,when I do say kiss mommy she bend her head and cocks it wanting a rub,she loves rubs on her head she nips lightly and I tell her no,she tries to get on top of my chair I tell her no and she gets back on my shoulder or chest,she is a new addition to my family,I haven't got her use to me cockatiel yet,or my dogs I'm a little skeptic about that right now,but in the short time I had her I look to interact with her every morning through out the day she loves to be covered at bed time which is 9 o'clock
Proud Owner of Stella