sticky poo

by Susan

I have a budgie who has liver disease he's 6 yrs old and has always had a gut problem..poos are never the same. Sometimes runny, rarely normal, sometimes just water, always staining green around them. Last time the vet did a fecal test she said he had e-coli. He seemed better after but he has always had gut problems on going. Now, his poo is constantly stuck to his feathers round his vent and I have to wash him daily. I feel that his gut problem is not particularly linked to the liver problem but they've never really treated the gut problem on its own. I would love some answers if someone has them please, especially about the sticky poo and what on earth I can do for my budgie.

Thank you so much.

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Sep 13, 2008
I appreciate your help
by: Su

Hi again,

There were no cultures done to ascertain what the infection was. The one injection made him unwell I feel as he stopped eating and drinking. I weighed him he usually weighs about 50grm (I know this is heavy but I think it's his lipoma as he wasn't fat as such) but he dropped to 40 grms.

Took him to the vet last night, he wasn't an avian vet as mine was away. I was so upset at my bird's condition and his non pooing I wasn't going to let them give the second injection (Ceftazidime). The young vet said he knew very little about birds but he did say my "baby" had lost a lot of muscle and I must try to get him to eat which I've been doing. I think the injection made him feel ill and last night he actually ate quite a bit so I'm sure he is picking up...thank goodness.

The vet gave me some Baytril because even he wouldn't give him the ceftazidime so I have to start my bird on the baytril in his water as it stresses him so much for me to syringe it into his mouth.

I feel sure that what we need is an xray of his gut, to see if he has any cancer (he has been limping and drawing his right foot up occasionally) and one vet told me it could mean a testicular cancer, but no one has diagnosed it. I think the bird needs diagnosing for the gut problem because the infections are secondary (e.coli, staph and streph) but my local avian vet still reckons his problem is the liver disease. I am so upset over this, it's been going on and off for 6 yrs now and we are no nearer a proper diagnosis apart from the liver and limpoma than we were 6 yrs ago. I'm at my wits end because my bird is lively most of the time when he can be.

Thank you so much again, you don't know what it means to me to have your replies.


Sep 11, 2008
Budgie with liver disease
by: The Vet

I am pleased to hear that you are feeding Harrison's. Antibiotics do affect the droppings, and usually cause diarrhea. It is important to know if the E. coli and other bacteria in your bird are susceptible to the Ceft. Were any sensitivities done on the culture to tell of this is the right antibiotic?

Black stools are an indication that he is not eating or not eating enough. String-like poop generally indicates that birds are passing lots of urine. Are you monitoring your bird's weight? He needs to be weighed 2-3 times weekly while he is sick, and every day would not be too much, especially if he is not eating normally.

(Purchase a scale somewhere like the one listed on this site, it will allow you notice the slightest changes in weight.|55|67|58|&cat=65&shop=1 )

Let me now how the follow up visit goes and how his weight is doing. You should continue with the antibiotics.

Dr B

Sep 10, 2008
Sticky Poo's
by: Anonymous

Hi Dr B

Thank you so much for your comments re my post above. He was on a seed diet for a long time but over the last year have changed to seed and Harrison's superfine which he does enjoy. His liver disease was diagnosed by blood test. As for the gut problem my vet last night said it's down to his liver, but all along I've never gone with this thought, thinking there is something else wrong because of the "non normal poo" since I've had him at 6 weeks old.

He has had fecal tests but have shown up with staph and strep and then e.coli. Last night my vet gave him an injection of Ceftazidime and tonight my bird is having trouble going to poo. The poo's are string like and black at the moment, is this a side effect of the injection? He has to have another one on Friday this week and I am dreading it. Have you any advice on what I should ask my vet to do please as I am desperate to get something done for my darling little bird.

Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it as I'm so stressed out for my little "baby".

best wishes to you
and thank you again.


Sep 10, 2008
Budgie with liver disease
by: The Vet

Certainly bacterial infections can cause this problem. However, It sounds like your bird has other issues in addition to the bacteria. Diet has a lot to do with a bird's health and digestion. I assume you are feeding a seed diet, which is not nutritional for any bird. It has too much fat and not enough of any other nutrients. This can certainly cause liver disease, in particular fatty liver disease. This can cause the symptoms you are seeing, too. (Harrison's pellets is the best choice.)

How was the liver disease diagnosed? Was blood taken from your bird?

The E. coli is probably a secondary infection, and not the primary problem. Although it does need to be treated with antibiotics.

Pancreatic disease can change poop, too, as can many other diseases in birds. Your bird should have some diagnostics done to rule in or out the different diseases that can cause these symptoms, and then appropriate treatments can be recommended.

Dr B

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