Sticky Poop

by Nettie

I have a new SI female Hen 10 months old very anxious. I just got her a week ago. I her fed some fresh foods, dehydrated fruits and veggies and Golden Obles organic pellets by Goldenfeast.

I am starting her on a natural diet but she has thick sticky poop and sticking to feathers. Not tons but enough to concern me.

I assume since the bird is stressed with the new move and new foods this is the cause. Any suggestions?

She is acting great, active looks great feels great except stressed so I guess that's not feeling 100% great and I know extreme stress can bring out illness but again she is eating and acting normal. Thanks

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Mar 08, 2009
i love sticky poop
by: JO and I

it helps for my revision of biology

Feb 16, 2008
Bird with Sicky Poop
by: The Vet

My suggestion is to take her to see an avian veterinarian. It is not normal for poop to stick to feathers.

This could be diet related. It could also be infection, such as bacteria or yeast.

Dr B

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