Stinky poop

My greenwing eats zupreem and rowdy bush ,true fruit and some seeds and when she poops it has a smell like when we take antibotics and we pee . And its kind of sour a little to what could it be ?

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Oct 01, 2009
Stinky poop from ZuPreem
by: The Vet

The sugar in the ZuPreem is causing yeast to grow in the cloaca. I recommend feeding only Roudybush, and even better is Harrison's pellets. ZuPreem has sucrose as the 5th ingredient on the list. This is not good for your bird. There are other things that can cause smelly droppings. Clostridium infections are another cause. I recommend that you have your bird examined by an avian veterinarian and have a fecal check done to look for these organisms.

Dr B

Oct 01, 2009
by: Linda

It sounds like your bird is sick. It also sounds like you need to get your bird onto a high quality organic pellet like Harrison's. The Zu-preem is an okay food, but not the BEST, and you need to be feeding your bird the best. Since he already eats pellets, it won't take long to change him over to a better quality pellet. I don't know what RoudyBush you are talking about is, but if it is handfeeding formula, stop using it. Basically, if you are feeding the Harrisons, you won't need to use any vitamin/mineral supplements, and just some organic fruit and veggies a few times a week will do nicely. Harrisons makes a delicious and readily eaten Birdy Bread mix and use the Sunshine Factor organic Red Palm Oil in it. It bakes up quickly and stores in freezer for up to 6 months, and enough for a week stores in the refrigerator.

SO FIRST, PLEASE MAKE AN APPOINTMENT AND TAKE YOUR BIRD TO AN AVIAN VET FOR TESTING AND DIAGNOSIS AS HE SOUNDS LIKE HE IS SICK. Second, look on this site for the Harrisons pellets and birdy bread mix. We have been feeding our amazons Harrisons for many, many years, and they are hardly ever sick!!! Harrisons products may "appear" to be more expensive than the ZuPreem, but when you start looking at what it costs to take birds to vets, it all evens out in the long run. The Harrisons products have to be refrigerated as they do not have any preservatives, and they do not have any dyes to irritate a bird's delicate system either.


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