Straining to Pass Droppings, Not Sleeping at Night

by Darci

Hello again, I had previous wrote in regards to my concerns with Aspergillosis and Papillomas. You had mentioned "empiracally treating" for Giardia and Clostridium even though the PCRS I had done for them had come back negative. What are the treatments for these? She makes a gassy sound everytime she produces her bubble filled droppings.. also she is straining HARD to get the droppings out, to the point where the lining of her cloaca is clearly visible and I am scared she is going to prolapse. There is no odor to the droppings whatsoever.

I know it's a she because she laid eggs last year. She has been on Harrison's for almost 2 months but previously ate mostly seeds. She is also stretching very excessively, we're talking over and over, I estimate at least 20-30 times a day, any clue as to what would cause her to do this? My vet said possibly intestinal discomfort. Also picking at her feathers all over her body, scratching her face and sneezing, very occasionally with clear discharge. Also sometimes she wheezes very slightly after flying.

Her cage is in the living room but she spends 90% of the day outside of the cage with me. At night I bring her cage into my bedroom because people are always up late and going in and out of the house. So far she has had blood work, fecal Gram stain, physical exams, PCRs for Giardia and Clostridia. I am planning on having x-rays, cloacal scope (my vet recommended using an otoscope with a tip, not sure if she has the equipment to perform an endoscopy) cloacal culture and cytology done tomorrow.

She has a huge cage but she doesn't play or move around in it, literally only using half the cage. She never gets exposed to sunlight or lamp, but I am planning on getting one asap, she is a Sun Conure, how long should she have the light on? I was considering the Zoo Med lamp. She does not drink from a bottle, she drinks bottled water which I change everyday, sometimes twice if it gets anything in it. People do smoke in the house, I always keep her away from it as no one is willing to go outside despite my constant requests.

I am very concerned about her.. she is also holding up her left foot quite a bit, sometimes keeps her left eye closed, occasionally she experiences tremors too. She hardly sleeps during the night, I always hear her moving around, scratching, stretching, etc. When she does sleep she hunches herself over, almost bent in half which is something else I am curious about.

Thanks for any help, advice, info you can provide.

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Mar 25, 2009
Straining to pass droppings
by: The Vet

Your veterinarian will know what drugs and how much to give, but the options are metronidazole and Clindamycin.

Giardia can cause excessive itching, but it could just be preening and molting. She may also have dry skin. Regular baths are helpful as is a humidifier.

The otoscope will work but is not very effective at allowing one to see everything in there. If this is a procedure that needs doing, then I would find someone with an endoscope that can do a more thorough exam. X-rays are a good idea. An so is a barium contrast study.

You need to switch her to a Lixit water bottle. Unless you can wash and disinfect her water bowl every three hours, then a bottle is going to be better. The ZooMed Lamp is a great investment. Keep it at least 18 inches away from your bird and use it for 6 hours per day, and split the time between morning and evening.

The tremors may be because she is cold. Put a heating pad on her cage ads leave it on at all times. This way she can get in the heat if she needs to. A heated perch can help as can the Lamp, but the lamp should be off at night but the heating pad or panel can stay on. The sleeping posture sounds abnormal. It could be due to uncomfortable perches or that she is cold, or it may be normal for her.

Side note: is she eating colored pellets or sugary pellets? Does she eat fresh vegetables?

Dr B

Mar 22, 2009
Sun conure
by: Lori

Get the ZooMed sun lamp. About 4 hours a day. My sun conure sleeps in a bird tent. I think they are avilable on this web site or at most pet stores. Do you cover her cage at night? That will help her get more sleep.

I also recommend an air cleaner since there is a smoker in the house. I don't smoke but I still have a medical grade air cleaner. It helps with the dust from my african grey. It sounds like you are having a lot of trouble with a dignosis. I wish you luck.

When my cockatiel was suspected of having giardia they just went ahead and treated her with an antibiotic. She is fine now. If you use an antibiotic be sure and give her acidolophilus. That might be a good thing to give her anyway. I give it to all my animals at least once a week. More often if they are on antibiotics.

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