Strange pale feathers on the wing

by Hina

We have a female (unsexed) panama amazon who otherwise seems to be happy, eats well etc. For the past year, she has strange pale yellow wispy feathers growing in her right wing which get quite long until she pulls them out. The other wing is perfect. It started with just the one feather that would grow longer than all the other wing feathers until it fell out but now she seems to pull them out quite quickly. This has resulted with a wing that is quite bare, she seems to pull out her normal feathers on that wing too.

She is quite old, having had a number of owners before us so I first assumed that it might be a sign of old age but the bare wing is worrying me.

Could this be a disease or something lacking in her diet - has anyone seen this before? She has never flown whilst with us so I don't think the lack of wing feathers bothers her. I don't want to put her through stressful visits to an avian expert (they are quite far away from us) due to her age.

Thanks in advance.

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Sep 07, 2009
Pale wing feathers
by: Tracie

My first differential would be nutrition related. The next differential would be age related. But nutrition is more likely a problem than age. In my opinion, you should take her to an avian specialist, even if you have to drive a distance. The benefits of medical treatment will far outweigh the stress from going.

Dr B

Sep 06, 2009
Feather plucking
by: Linda

First of all, you do need to take her to an Avian Vet so they can check her out for infection and/or a problem with some of her organs. Vet will do some bloodwork to check and see if everything is functioning correctly. This could be a vitamin or mineral problem.

If she is not eating a pelleted diet you need to change her over to one. Harrison's is what we recommend as it is organic and 100% balanced diet for parrots. It takes time for the change, so read directions and follow them.

Sometimes, feather plucking is caused from boredom, and in this case is probably also coming from the stress of being moved so many times. There is some information you can read about feather plucking on Tracie's Parrot Training page.

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