by martha cambell

can lovebirds eat strawberries?

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Feb 12, 2010
Strawberries for birds
by: Tracie

Yes, birds can eat strawberries in moderation. Make sure you wash them well, and preferably feed them organic produce.

Remember that your bird should be eating at least 80% pellets and no more than 20% other healthy food. So when you look at the amount of pellets you are feeding, you will see that your bird can only have a portion of a strawberry so that it will eat it's pellets.

Our Avian vet suggests that you feed organic pellets, like Harrison's , or at least a healthy pellet that is not dyed and doesn't have sugar and fillers in them.

Please read our article on Parrot Health on our Parrot Training page. We also have a NonToxic / Toxic list you can look at for more information on keeping your bird safe.

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