Stroke symptoms in birds

What are the symptoms of a stroke? We think our blue-fronted amazon may have had one.

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Mar 23, 2018
Baby GCC stroke
by: Julia

Korra, my nine month old green cheek conure had a stroke tonight. She fell off her perch and screamed like I've never heard before and was paralyzed for about four hours. Her left side is still acting up, especially with her foot and eye. She hasn't eaten, but I was able to get her to drink some water. We'll be going to the vet in the morning since the emergency vets turned us down in three states because she's a bird. ): We did find three vets willing to help, but all they could do is keep her warm and feed her formula,and I can do that tonight. She'll see her regular vet but in the am, hopefully. It's Saturday so hopefully he'll be there.

Oct 05, 2017
by: Anonymous

My bird that I have had for 18 years and talked alot all day . For three days he has not spoken sleeps alot of the day keeps his eyes closed and acts very strange. I love him so and not sure what has happened. He also has a hard time climbing falls. I tell him all day how much I love him with no words back. I am so scared and troubles pray he is not in pain. Vet knows nothing.

Editor's note: Find an avian vet, dog/cat vets do not have the training needed to care for birds when they are sick.

Apr 10, 2016
My bird has a tilted head
by: Anonymous

My bird has a tilted head. He had exrays done and blood work. The vet found nothing so she thinks he had a stroke. I did notice that his droppings are watery and greenish. Is his underlying cause psiticosis.

Jun 19, 2015
the spread of infection
by: kim

I've been reading about alot of infections and sickness in owners birds. One simple thing that people don't think of is washing their hands before interacting with their birds. Remember louis Pasteur discovered that just by washing his hands between patients the spread of infection went down 75%

Jan 18, 2012
my budgie has had a stroke
by: Anonymous

I am absolutely devastated my 2 year old budgie who could speak 1000 words has just collapsed and died after a stroke .I was talking to him 2 hours ago and he talked back ,he just toplled I took him to the vet and she said sha could do nothing he had had a stroke He is on you tube speaking under charlie talking to me

Jan 05, 2012
Did bird have a stroke?
by: Tracie

Birds that have strokes usually fall down and seem immobile for a bit and often have trouble perching afterwards. If you believe your bird had a stroke, then please Find an Avian Vet to run tests and determine why this is happening.

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