Stuffed up nose

by Leigh Claus
(Montrose Pa.18801)

When I switched from radiator heat to hot air electric ( not blowing near the parrot) her nose got stuffed up. My dogs drank tons of water. Could it have come from going from moist air to dry air? I try to wipe it off with warm water on a wash cloth. She hates that. I read that I can use saline. How?

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Feb 18, 2014
Stuffed up nose
by: Anonymous

If your pets are used to the moist air, then I would suggest getting a humidifier.

Keeping it in the same room as the bird. Not where the bird can get to it obviously, but in the same room. This may help relieve the stuffy nares, and allow him to breathe much more easily. This will also keep his skin from drying out and becoming itchy as well as helping them during a molt.

I would however first and foremost recommend you take your bird into the avian vets for care. Just to be sure he is in good health. Since your dogs where affected as well, might be good to get them in to be seen too.

When you switched over, the dust in the system that had been gathering for who knows how long, could of caused your bird's nares to become infected. (Along with the dogs). Having a vet to check out their air ways is a great idea. No telling what they inhaled when it was turned on.

I know I have to clean my heater every winter, filters and all, before turning it on to minimize the dust blowing thru the ducts. Even though we clean it thoroughly, sometimes you can still smell the dust burning off it. (Thankfully my unit is in the garage, so we can't smell it in the house)

Good luck, and hope your pets get to feeling better!

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