Stumped! Cockatiel Blood Nose?!

by Annette

I am writing to try & find answers.

We have already had our bird seen by an avian vet! although we are stumped as to why he was bleeding from both nostrils? I have also called the Bird House where we got him from & both places are also stumped as to why he had a blood nose?!
What may have caused this? 4 days later and his beak still looks "bruised" although he is very happy, eating and drinking. He has also had all of his health checks is a healthly little boy :)
Just wondering I you had heard of a cockatiel getting a blood nose?

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Jan 15, 2011
Stumped! Cockatiel Blood Nose?!
by: Linda

If Avian Vet has checked him out thoroughly and deemed him healthy, then this is the result of an injury. His wings need to be clipped because birds allowed to fly all over the house can run into mirrors, windows or other stationary objects. Sometimes these accidents are fatal. If bird's wings are not clipped, take him back to Avian Vet and have the six long primary flight feathers at the ends of each wing clipped. Do not clip up any higher as this causes chronic pain and when birds fall to the floor, they fall like a rock and can be badly hurt. Just the first 6 primary feathers which are the long ones at the ends of each wing.

Otherwise, your bird injured himself by either flying into something or getting a wire or other object stuck in his nostril causing injury. Birds don't bleed without a reason and injury is usually the reason if illness has been ruled out.

Thanks for writing,

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