Successful Pellet Conversion

by Kate

Hello! I just wanted to share that recently I have successfully converted my Grey to eating High Potency Harrisons Pellet in a faster time than I could imagine. When I first adopted her, she was on a seed only diet. It took a VERY long time for her to even try pellet, (in which I tried everything from Pretty Bird, Zupreem and some Kaytee products, without really knowing anything about Organic Pellets)

For about a year now I have had her eating a small handfull of seeds, nuts, and dried fruits (Goldenfeast medleys and Kaytee Fiesta for parrots) and her main diet has been a mixture of Pretty Bird for Africans, Zupreem Fruity and Zupreem Naturals. I really thought I did a good job with having her eating pellets, until I learned a lot about Organics. Even my Avian Vet has been happy all this time with the pellets I have used so I never knew I wasnt doing a good job. So, I have been combining Roudybush in her pellets for about a month now but she doesnt seem to touch them.

3 days ago I went to a parrot store nearby my town and decided to try the Harrison's HP. Of course I was shocked with the price, and was hoping she would eat my small one pound bag sold for nearly $15. Yikes! That night she was eating them, even when they were combined with her normal Pretty Bird and Zupreem pellets. Do they taste good for most birds?? I now wonder if I should completely just eliminate her other pellets... I have so much left though, at least 4 pounds worth!! And of course she seems to like them, she will choose to eat them even if there are seeds in the bowl next to the pellet bowl.

Also, if I begin buying ONLY Harrisons, how much should I get at a time to keep it the freshest longest, but get the most for my buck? Because it is of course very pricey. Thank you!!

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May 12, 2011
Harrison's pellet conversion
by: The Avian Vet

Yes, birds love the taste of Harrison's. That is the food I feed and recommend. It should be 80% of the diet, with 20% being treats. I recommend that you stop feeding all pellets that are colored, especially ZuPreem since it is full of sugar, including the Natural. I also recommend feeding a better quality seed mix that KT fiesta. It has many fillers that are wasted since you bird does not eat them. Feed Goldenfeast as a treat, Kaylor seeds are good, too. For the food that you have left over, you can give a few kibbles each day as a treat until it is gone.

I recommend getting only 5 pounds at a time. Buy it in the original packaging and keep it in the same bag. Seal it after use and do not freeze or refrigerate it.

Dr B

May 11, 2011
Successful Pellet Conversion
by: Linda

Get your bird onto the Harrisons and the few vegetables they recommend for treats. They also make a bread mix that birds love, and it comes in 3 flavor types. Base is the Harrisons, so it is very good for them. You can find the pellets, the bread mix and organic red palm oil, Sunshine Factor here, and prices are way better than retail stores. You can get either one pound bags or 5 pounds bags. I'd recommend a 5 pound bag and all of it has to be refrigerated to keep it safe because there are no preservatives.

When you bake the bread up, slice it up and put it in freezer bags. It can stay in freezer for up to 6 months and in refrigerator for up to 7 days. I have two Amazons, so I keep out enough so they have the bread every other day and freeze the rest once bread is cool. Use ONLY the organic Red Palm Oil in it as hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils are very bad for the health of humans and birds.

Stop feeding all the sugary pellets as these are very unhealthy for your bird. Feed them to the outside birds and squirrels as they always need extra food, and it won't hurt them. What is in the colorful pellets is pesticide/fertilizer residue, dyes, preservatives and sugar like products like the kind put into face cream that tastes sugary and is addictive. My avian vet also sells the ZuPreem, and KNOWS it is a bad food, but because people like the bright colors, he keeps selling it to them in spite of it being bad for their birds. We've talked about Harrison's, and he agrees it is the BEST food on the market for birds.

Thanks for writing,

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