sudden death in young conure

dizzy and a teabag

dizzy and a teabag

We lost our beloved green cheeked conure Dizzy on Tuesday night. We went to bed and he was fine and behaving normally . I found him dead in his cage in the morning with fine blood spatter around it but none in the cage almost like he had sneezed and blood in the holes at the top of his beak. We are devastated and were wondering what it could possibly have been. He was only 6.

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May 03, 2009
Sudden death of Conure
by: The Vet

I am sorry to hear of your tragic loss.

The only way to know for sure is to have a necropsy (animal autopsy) done.

Possible differentials include:
Conure Bleeding Syndrome
Nutritional deficiencies
Toxin (inhaled or ingested)
Bacterial infection
Viral infection
Fungal infection
Any many other differentials.

I can help you with the investigation if you would like to make an appointment for a phone consultation.

The questions I would need to ask:
When did you bird last see a veterinarian? How often did he see the vet?
Was he vaccinated?
What was his diet?
What was the sex (DNA tested)?
Do you have other pets?
What brand of cage did he live in?
What did your bird weigh? How often did you weigh him?
Was any non-stick cookware used recently?
Does anyone smoke in your home?

Dr B

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