sudden death of baby cockatiel

I have 2 cockateils, I wasn't sure of there sex because they kept throwing there eggs out til finally 1hatched was doing well had almost all his feathers and suddenly 1day I looked in and he wasn't moving. What could have happened? Do you think the mom did something, I would like to know incase they have another, if they do should I take it out and hand feed it. I was going to take this one out but I have a broken wrist and was afraid I would drop him.any ideas what could have happened? Thank you

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May 11, 2015
baby cockatiel died
by: Tracie

I am not a breeder, but not sure even a breeder can answer your question, because they weren't there to see what happened.

Please find a reputable breeder in your area to mentor you. Help them with their breeders, practice feeding babies in case you have to pull babies and feed them around the clock. Decide if you really want this responsibility before allowing your birds to breed again.

If you insist on allowing your birds to breed, then you can remove eggs laid if the birds don't want to sit on them. If they DO want to sit on them, then purchase fake eggs to replace the real eggs laid, until you know how to care for the babies if the parents attack the babies or refuse to care for them.

One last thing, make sure your birds are eating high quality pellets, so the hen doesn't become egg bound. Good luck! :-)

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