Sudden death of indian ring neck

by Em

Hi, This morning we woke up to find our indian ringneck named flynn dead in his cage. i believe he was about 9 or 10 weeks old. we only had him for 4 days. he was in a clean cage which was cleaned everyday, and had cockatiel mix seeds and water in his cage which he would eat. we also gave him apples which he loved. he loved to sit in our hands and be petted. the day before he died, he was eating less, but the breeder told us that he might not eat so much the first few days, so we were not concerned. also he wanted to constantly be held but we thought it was because he was bonding with us. he was walking around and moving around inside and outside his cage just fine. also, he jumped off a table but landed ok on his feet and seemed totally fine. that was a day before he died. did that kill him? we also have a cockatiel for about a month who is doing great. i just want to know what i did wrong. even though i had him for a short while, i really got attached to him. he was so sweet. did i kill him?

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Oct 31, 2016
dead indian ringneck
by: ROSE

Hi my name is rose i have 4 indian ringnecks 2 green female and a male and 2 blue indian ringnecks female and male well my female blue bird called lilly she layed 4 eggs 2 babies hatched but i lost them so this morning on november ist 2016 i was out side and saw my blue male indian ring neck dead in the out door avairy he was fine yesterday they all were good happy no this blue bird had no eye and im not sure if one of the other birds killed him he had some feathers missing or something gave him a big fright and he hurt himself so sad his name was peddro any help on this please thanks rose

Mar 07, 2012
Sudden death of indian ring neck
by: Linda

It is also possible your bird starved to death. Your bird should not have been weaned at so early an age, and babies revert back to needing to be handfed once moved from the safe place they were before. Though he may have seemed to be eating the seeds, it is possible he was not getting enough to sustain him. Weaning should have not even been begun before 12 weeks of age and then it is a process not an immediate finish. Babies still have to be handfed during the weaning process until they are able to eat enough to keep them going. This means a baby the age your bird was needed handfeeding at least twice a day while trying to become weaned. This is a tragic loss of life and is the responsibility of either incompetant or uncaring breeders and pet shop owners. This kind of carelessness brings much sorrow to many people and the birds suffer the pain of starvation, and believe me it hurts everywhere when there is not enough food.

In future, and this is for everyone reading this, stay away from baby birds who have been supposedly weaned because they ALL will revert back to needing to be handfed baby parrot formula once they've been moved. Unless you have training in the skill of safely handfeeding a baby parrot do not get them so young as that could have been what happened. The being "needy" is a sign that he was too young a bird to have been weaned and being a baby, he was looking to you for help that never came.

Some breeders are after the money and don't care about their birds to begin with. These people will say a bird is weaned when actually they are not. Beware of young birds or know how to take care of them once they come home with you. We also highly recommend Avian Vet exams within the first few days when any new bird comes home. Infections are common in all birds because of the stress of being moved around and having contact with a lot of other birds.

I would also recommend your Cockie be examined right away by an Avian Vet in case the baby died of disease or infection. My gut tells me he starved to death, and I could be wrong about that.If it were my bird, I'd be taking him to an Avian Vet right away.


Mar 07, 2012
Indian ring neck died soon after arriving
by: Tracie

I am so sorry for your loss. Dr B can not tell what caused the death of your bird without doing a necropsy. Please Find an Avian Vet to do a necropsy to make sure the bird did not die of something contagious that your other bird may now have.

If your bird came with a well certificate, then you don't have to worry it died of a disease. So many breeders do not take their birds to avian vets now before selling them, that I figure your bird never saw an avian vet either. If I am wrong, then yay!

It is possible that the bird broke something when it fell, but I think you would have noticed it struggling after the fall.

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