sudden death of my indian ring necked parakeet

by Mandi

My bird was fine when he went to sleep for the night but he was dead in his cage in the morning. He has not been sick. Please could you explain this sudden and most surprised death? He is about 4 years old and has always been very healthy, despite having mites this time last year. My 3 boys have been devastated. Please help! Thank you.

From Mandi Frost

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Feb 11, 2012
to Christina
by: Sue

Wanted to thank you for your comments about teflon and it's affects on birds. i recently lost my bird (last week) she was 10 years old. i also have 2 other parakeets that are doing well. While i think she died of old age, she was very well taken care of and was let out of her cage daily to fly i will certainly take caution if cooking with teflon in the future. thank you for your advise. you can never be too cautious when caring for your pets. thank you and God bless

Jan 13, 2011
Sudden death
by: Mandi

Hi Tracie, Thank you for your reply. As I replied to Christine, it was impossible for me to take the bird to the vet to know the cause of death as my freind was looking after the bird for us while we were on holiday. I had hoped she would have taken it to the vet, but I was thousands of km`s away and she would not have been able to get hold of me. I am going to investigate about all the toxins from sprays that can cause death. Thank you again.
Regards Mandi

Jan 13, 2011
Sudden death
by: Mandi

Thank you Christina for taking the time to reply! Just to give you more information, a friend was actually looking after our bird while we were away, and we have just got back from our holiday, so I do not know anymore details at this time. I will ask my friend regarding your answer and toxic sprays and pans. Do you think that deodorant sprays could also be toxic to birds?

Editor's note: Yes, deodorant sprays can be toxic to birds.

Jan 11, 2011
Did you cook with teflon near your bird?
by: Christina

Hello, I am very sorry for the loss of your bird. Did you cook using a teflon pan on a high heat anywhere near your bird? Teflon is toxic to birds and kills them because when it is heated it releases a chemical that is poison to birds and kills them if they breath it in. I have heard that if the teflon is brand new it emits evern more of the poison than an older pan, though they both emit posion new and old teflin pans, including trflon coated electric frying pans

You can look it up on google, there is plenty of information about it on google

Jan 09, 2011
Bird died suddenly
by: Tracie

Mandi, I am sorry for you and your family! There is no way Dr B or anyone can tell you what killed your bird over the Internet. The only way to tell, is to take the bird for a necropsy. This is a good idea if you plan on getting another bird, to make sure that there is not a disease present that another bird might get. If it was a toxin that killed the bird, the necropsy will also tell you this.

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