suddenly aggressive macaw

My blue and gold macaw all of a suddent became aggressive. I came home and when I went over to him he bit me, hard. Unlike ever before? He is lunging at me like he is mad. What is wrong?

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May 02, 2017
My macaw is aggressive
by: Anonymous

I have had my macaw for some time know and he has been great . Until know after my bird died my macaw has gotten very aggressive. I opened his cage for the very first time after my bird died and he was happy until one day he got aggressive so when he got back in his cage I closed the door . Ever since then when I get near him he lunges like he is going to bite me . I am very concerned.

Jan 30, 2010
Same problem - Tragic result
by: Anonymous

My macaw, Max, is also 13 years old and, after living with my sun conure for 13 years, fatally attacked him about 3 weeks ago. He is also ripping up carpet fibers, and often very very aggressive, taking turns as to whether he will "love" me or my fiance that day. After he killed my conure (my very special baby), I thought I would need to find a new home for him. However, some days he is remarkably loving and precious. I cannot tell if this is behavioral, or, as a the first commenter mentioned, a sign of aging..

Dec 20, 2008
Sudden aggression---Macaw, and others
by: Sarah

Judy in Ohio, if you wouldn't mind, I would like to add what I wirnessed with my DYH amazon a few years back. I bought her as a him, named Paco at about 6 years old, and we were the best of friends. When she hit 12-13 years, her moods became erratic, and she was barely handle-able and very wacky. One day, she went behind her cage, and down to the carpet where we couldn't see her, and she started ripping the carpet and padding to shreds. When you tried to stop her, she wouldn't allow it. One day, we took a shower, and I left her in the bathroom to dry, and pulled the stand away to find, she made a nest, and laid a few eggs- this is how we found he was a she. They hit maturity at 12 or so. You may want to look on Google for more info, unless you can find it here. Good luck with your baby!! They grown out of it eventually!

Nov 04, 2008
Bird suddenly became aggressive
by: Tracie

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Nov 04, 2008
macaws sudden change
by: Judy in Ohio

I had the same thing happen to me with my 13 year old orange wing amazon. I have no idea why he has started this,but it is very upsetting,he is even lunging at my fingers and biting them when I get his food and water bowls out.I really don't have any solutions,if you hear something or come up with something,please let me know.Hang in there!

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