Suddenly biting - Princess Parrot

by Tam
(Korumburra, Victoria, Australia)

I have had my hand reared Princess Parrot, Ringo for about 6 weeks. During our first week I got a few nips whilst we were getting to know each other but for the last week he (or she) is continuously biting me on my hands & face (when on shoulder). He is also 'flitting' around in like a little dance. I have tried some suggestion from breeder friends like saying a firm "No" & putting him in his covered cage for 20 minutes & rewarding small amts of good behaviour with such things as millet.

Trouble is last night he appeared to be enjoying the millet then bit the hand that held the millet. He is in his cage almost constantly.

Could he be a she and could she actually be older than they sold him to me as and could this be broody behaviour? I don't want to pull out the required feathers to get him sexed cause I feel this might be absolutely the last straw!

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Mar 06, 2013
Suddenly biting
by: Anonymous

I had the same problem with my bird. She was given to me by people who didn't want her anymore and was in a parakeet sized cage. I bought a bigger cage and put the toys and food dishes she came with in the exact same spots in the new cage and she took to it very well. It takes time for a bird to acclimmate to its new surroundings, i.e. new home, new owner, new cage. It also takes time to gain their trust, that's why the bird bites you. You are correct in caging the bird when it misbehaves but I wouldn't cover the cage at that point. Just give a firm no, put the bird back in the cage, close the door and leave the room. I only cover the cage at bed time. Also when you are on the phone, talking or emailing, you are not paying attention to the bird and it gets mad and will bite for attention. It took a lot of time and patience, but I established a routine with my bird and learned from her behavior as to what she wants. She will still bite once in a while but when I go to pet her and she tries to nip, I know she doesn't want to be petted at that time. If she doesn't want to step up, I just leave her alone. She does sit on my shoulder occasionally but gets tired or bored of it and starts to nip. I just tell her no and put her back on her cage. You mentioned the bird had worms, have you taken it to an avian vet for a checkup? Also do some internet research for proper care and feeding of your type of bird. Time and patience will give you a good outcome.

Mar 05, 2013
Ringos' owner with update!
by: Tam

That isn't the picture of my bird. I don't know how it got there. Mine is definately a princess parrot. I have tried to ignore the smaller nips & set our intereaction up for success. talking to a breeder friend it seems when I bought him a bigger cage to fit his lovely long tail (I had previous cage from cockatiel that passed away recently) that is when the biting started & he stopped the talking & whistling imitation that he was learning really quickly. Last night I transferred him back to his old cage & already he had started talking again. I just had a small amount of non biting time with him before he went for the full on snap. Often I am not holding him when he comes and snaps at me. Also I have noticed he seems worse when I am using iPhone or iPad to type or send emails. Previously he didn't seem to mind this so I am aiming for smaller amount of quality intereaction. Unfortunately the pet shop sold him to me with worms & didn't have a wormer when I tried to buy it so he got really sick at one stage. Also they cut all his feathers on both sides instead of just the flight feathers on one side. At 7 weeks he still can't fly but maybe the sensation of starting to fly again is scaring him too. What does everyone think?

Editor's note: picture removed, sorry, not sure what happened.

Mar 04, 2013
by: Anonymous

Hi I read your posting, Looks like you have an Indian Ringneck. How old is your parrot? Approximately? I know that Indian Ringnecks go through a FLUFFING stage, which is a nippy stage. I have a soon to be 10 month old Indian Ringneck so far I haven't experienced it, but it does pass with time, you also have to ignore it and keep consistent, show no fear, it is hard to do that but google and I am sure you will get some great advice in here. Just post a little more about your Parrot. That information would help a great deal.

Mar 04, 2013
Biting parrot
by: Anonymous

Actully your parrot should not be allowed on the shoulder it actully causes a egg laying behavior that can cause ur bird to lay eggs depending on its gender. Also you should do the elevator move when he bites u because the bird gets unsteady and it doesn't like it and will stop biting you. Hope this helps :)

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