Suddenly Hostile Mini Macaw

by David

Hello, I have had my Mini Macaw for over 8 years now. Friends come and go, but he's always there for me. His behavior has been bit edgy this past week and he even nipped me once. My bird never lets anyone near him, he is always hostile and attacks them, but he never bites me.

I left him this morning and came back late at night. When I got home he was acting very aggitated. I went to pick him up and he tried to bite me, and he wont let me anywhere near him. I gave it an hour and he calmed down and acted like his old self, but he still wont let me touch him, and tries to bite me.

I have never seen him like this and it makes me afraid he is in some sort of pain or having a chemical imbalance. I would appreciate any advice, because I am very upset about this. Thank you.


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Jul 18, 2009
by: Linda

David, your bird may be sick, so please make an appointment for him with an Avian vet in your area. Regular vets cannot help you as they are not trained in diagnosing and treating birds and other exotic pets.

Also, is the bird left alone all day while you are at work? You can leave a radio on tuned to soft music with some talk inbetween songs. Don't leave rock and roll or some other loud, nerve shattering music, soft music will keep him company while you are away. Television is also good, but it is not good for birds to watch that much TV, so the radio would be better.

So, make an appointment with an Avian vet as sudden changes in behavior sometimes are the beginning of an illness, and bird will need to be diagnosed and treated. Hopefully, you are feeding a good nutritious diet of some form of organic pellets, organics fruit and veggies. An all seed diet makes them sick eventually as it is lacking in basic nutrition and contains a lot of fat. Peanuts are not good for birds at all. Tracie carries two kinds of organic pellets out here, and you need to start changing bird over to one of them after you see the vet. Harrison's is what we have used for years, and Tracie also has Golden Feast which is made with organic ingredients.

Your first trip is to the Avian vet to see what is wrong with your little bird. Let us know what vet says,

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