Suddon Throwing up in Car

by Rey

Hi, I have maroon bellied conure (1 yrs old), who loves car rides. 3 month ago, we had our longest drive together: two days, about 6 hrs each day. And he was totally fine and even enjoying it most of the time, i.e. looking outside and making funny noises.

But, last week when my husband took him for a short ride to the park, he started throwing up, and it didn't stop until they got back home. He was super hungry when they got back, gobbling food. Now, it happened again last day, another short ride, this time he was about to throw up but did manage to send it back. I could tell that it was not regurgitation, definitely not a happy face.

Now question is, could they suddenly develop motion sickness? given that he was fine before, and what could have triggered it? I am going to try a ride with AC off, as the weather is warmer now and that has been changed, but could it be the AC? what else could it be?

Also, how bad is trowing up for them in general, given he enjoys the rides, should I not take him for one anymore? And what can I do to ease him if that happens?


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Jun 06, 2015
Bird suddenly developing car sickness
by: The Avian Vet

This is a common problem. It is also common for them to be OK then develop motion sickness. There may be differences in driving style between you and your husband, maybe a different car, the AC is possibly a problem if the coolant is leaking into the car. I recommend not feed him for 1 hour before the car ride.

It is bad for them to get sick like this, because the acid from the stomach can cause problems in the esophagus and crop.

Jun 05, 2015
Bird with motion sickness
by: Tracie

I will send this off to Dr. B. Sometimes it takes a while before he answers due to his work and teaching schedule.

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