Suggestions for Indian Ringneck please

by Emma

My indian ring-neck was sort of rescued,he had a home but was tormented by young kids and dogs and so was very nervous ,i was told he never made a noise,he has since started making loads of different noises and is not so nervous but still cant be handled,he is about 2 and i was wondering will he ever get used to so much that i will be able to handle him or will he be nervous for life,i had him 6 months,any help or suggestions is much appreciated.

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Mar 22, 2009
Help with Indian Ringneck Parrot
by: Tracie

I believe it is possible that your bird may come to trust you some day. Just keep doing things that help your bird know that you are safe. Don't ever force yourself on the bird, not that you are.

I have some training articles on our Parrot Training page that you can read. Even the ones on screaming and such might give you some ideas.

Also, Chet has free bird training help that really works. He sends you a trial version for you to see if you like his methods. He is of course hoping you will purchase other training from him, but the free stuff will encourage you.

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