sulphur creasted parrot

by Victoria Muller
(Durban,kwa Zulu natal - south Africa )

I have a 3 year old sulpur creasted parrot whom I recently adopted due to her owners dying! She is beautiful and love her to bits and she loves me!
She has this thing where she sits on my chest in front of my face and blows out her noise and makes a clucking noise. What does that mean?

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Nov 20, 2011
sulphur creasted parrot
by: Linda

It sounds like she is playing with you.

She needs to be examined by an Avian Vet in your driving area because when birds lose their human caretakers and are moved to a new home, their immune systems are compromised. Your bird is still grieving the loss of her other caretakers, and this is an especially vulnerable time for her both physically and emotionally. Have her examined for any infections to make sure she is well.

Keep in mind that the grieving process for one of these highly sensitive and intelligent parrots is just like you would go through if you lost a loved one. In a bird's case, it can be worse because they depended on those humans for everything. Now you are here taking good care of her, and still she will need time to move on from her loss of the people she dearly loved.

Thank You for writing and for giving this very special Cockatoo a good, loving home,
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