Sulphur crested cockatoo got hold of eggs

by Denae

hi, my sulphur crested cockatoo got to my cockatiels eggs and took them out of their nesting box. I have seen lately tha he pulls feathers from other birds and tends to suck the juice from the tip of the feather, is this normal?

I am very worried about him because he tends to do it to his own feathers aswell and i am not sure what would happen when he got hold of the eggs. I found them on the aviary floor and all of them seemed to be cracked, can my sulphur crested cockatoo become cannabal? i have heard that if birds eat from the egg yolk they actually can become cannabal, is this true? Please help as i am very worried about him, he is only ten months old and is already starting to cause chaos.

All my birds are kept in the one aviary, i have heard this is unsuitable for a sulphur crested cockatoo as they need the space to stretch their wings and some people say it is overcrowded, i have 3 budgies, 2 cockatiels, 2 galahs and one sulphur crested cockatoo, should the small birds have their own aviary?

i know sulphur crested cockatoos require attention and i am not sure of he got to the eggs in spite jealousy. Is it possible for the cockatiels to carry the eggs to another nesting box to protect them? Also would my sulphur crested cockatoo have any health issues due to getting to the eggs?? Please get back to me soon as i am very worried!!

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Sep 02, 2011
Cockatoo in aviary with smaller birds
by: Tracie

What you have heard about the smaller birds needing their own aviary is true. Please read up on all your birds and find out what birds are compatible for living together over a long period of time.

Your whole set up is a recipe for disaster. Start building that other aviary right away, while reading ALL about your birds and their individual needs.

Typically people do not keep small birds trapped in an environment with large birds that can injure and kill them.

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